17 Royal Names For Babies With An Asian Twist For Newborns In 2019

17 Royal Names For Babies With An Asian Twist For Newborns In 2019

Set your child up for success with a name fit for royalty!

We had baby Louis join the British royal family earlier this year. Now, everyone is hyped about baby Sussex! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to give birth next spring. Even Queen Elizabeth said she’s “delighted” at the news! There’s a lot of speculation around the name since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet. People often look for royal names for babies as inspiration to name their own kids. 

Parents-to-be, don’t just give your baby a “common” Royal baby name. Be unique and given them a beautiful name inspired by Asian royalty! Here’s our list. 

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17 Asian royal names for babies

If you’ve been looking for an Asian name that’s more culturally relevant or just more exotic than a common western name (Harry, anyone?), there’s no better place to look than at Asian monarchies!

There are many deep and meaningful names to choose from, so let’s dive in. Here are some Asian royal names for babies, along with their living namesakes and their current royal titles.

Names for baby boys

Name Title Meaning Origin
Abdul Prince of Johor Servant Arabic
Amir Crown Prince of Selangor To rule, to command Arabic
Hussein Crown Prince of Jordan Good, handsome, beautiful Arabic
Jigme Druk Gyalpo of Bhutan Fearless Bhutanese
Khalifa Emir of Abu Dhabi, President of United Arab Emirates Successor, deputy, steward Arabic
Mateen Prince of Brunei Powerful Arabic
Muhammad King of Malaysia (Yang di-Pertuan Agong) Praiseworthy, glorified Arabic
Qaboos Sultan of Oman Beautiful face Muslim
Sabah Emir of Kuwait Dawn Arabic
Salman Crown Prince of Bahrain Safe Arabic
Tamim Emir of Qatar Strong, complete Arabic
Vajiralongkorn King of Thailand Adorned with jewels, thunderbolts Thailand

Names for baby girls

Name Title Meaning Origin
Aiko The Princess of Toshi Love, affection Japan
Kiko  Princess of Japan Be glad Japan
Masako  Crown Princess of Japan Proper child Japan
Matilda  Princess of Java Battle-ready German
Sirivannavari  Princess of Thailand Stability, order Sanskrit

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then, consider a unisex name! Gender fluid names are all the rage right now and some of them are downright beautiful. 

Many celebrities are frontrunners for these types of names (such as Kanye’s child called North). But if you’re still searching for a more typically Asian name, we’ve got a list of Asian gender fluid names!

You might prefer to have separate lists for boys and girls. Check out our lists of Chinese names, Korean names for boys and girls, as well as the Japanese lists!

Source: Marie Claire


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