103 strong Korean boy names to set your son up for success

103 strong Korean boy names to set your son up for success

Some of these names are so beautiful, you'll have a hard time choosing just one!

We all know that one of the most important first tasks as new parents of a little boy is choosing the perfect name for him. Because you only want to give your son the best, the name you choose for him should reflect that: it should be unique, meaningful and beautiful. So, why not pick one from our list of 103 strong Korean names for boys.

strong korean boy names

Sometimes, a gentle suggestion of strength gives more strength to a name than you can ever imagine. So if you’re looking for strong Korean boy names, look no further

Here are 103 strong Korean names for boys and their meanings:

Name Meaning
1. Baek Hyeon Virtuous, worthy older brother
2. Beom Seok Like a rock
3. Bora Purple
4. Bon-Hwa Glorious one
5. Bong Mythical bird, phoenix
6. Chin-Hae Depth of the ocean
7. Chin-Hwa Most prosperous and wealthiest of all
8. Chin-Mae One who always speaks the truth
9. Chul Iron
10. Chul-Moo Made of iron
11. Chung-Ae Nobility and love
12. Chung-Hee Righteous and dutiful
13. Chung-Ho Righteous lake
14. Dae Shining
15. Dae-Ho Great personality
16. Dae-Hyun Great and honour
17. Dae-Jung Honest and righteous
18. Daeshim Greatest mind
19. Do-Yun Pathway, consent
20. Dong Eastern
21. Dong-Min East, cleverness
22. Dong-Sun Goodness of the east
23. Dong-Yul Passion of the east
24. Du-Ho Goodness
25. Duck-Hwan Return of the virtue
26. Duck-Young Unchanging and everlasting virtue
27. Eun Charitable, silver
28. Ha-Joon Grand, approving
29. Hak-Kun One with literate roots
30. Haneul Heavenly
31. Hoon Teaching
32. Hwan Bright
33. Hye A bright and intelligent man
34. Hyuk Radiant
35. Hyun Bright and intelligent
36. Hyun-Ki Wise and astute
37. Hyun-Shik The roots of wisdom
38. Il Superiority
39. In Humanity
40. In-Su Preserving wisdom
41. Iseul From dew
42. Jee Wisdom
43. Joo-Won Original
44. Joon Exceptionally talented
45. Jum King or ruler
46. Jung A righteous man
47. Jung-Hwa Rich and righteous
48. Kang-Dae Mighty and strong
49. Ki The one who has arisen
50. Korain Luminous and glorious
51. Kwan One who is strong
52. Kwang Wild
53. Kwang-Sun Widely good
54. Kyong Brightness
55. Kyu Of a certain standard
56. Mal-Chin Persists to the end
57. Man-Shik Deeply rooted in something
58. Man-Young Ten thousand years of prosperity
59. Min-Jun Quick, clever, sharp, talented and handsome
60. Myung Bright and clear
61. Myung-Dae Great righteousness
62. Myung-Suk Foundation of ages
63. Ok Treasured
64. Ryung Brightness
65. Sang-Ook One who is always well and healthy
66. Seo-Jun Auspicious
67. Seok Like a rock
68. Seung Successor
69. Shik Planting
70. So Smile
71. Suk Hardness
72. Suk-Chin Unshakeable rock
73. Tae One who is a great person
74. Uk Sunrise
75. Whan Ever-growing
76. Won-Shik Head of the family 
77. Woong Magnificence
78. Ye-Jun Talented and handsome
79. Yeo Mild-mannered
80. Yeon-Jin Precious
81. Yeon-Seok Bestowed
82. Yeon-U Divine protection
83. Yeong Person with courage
84. Yeong-Hyeon Perpetual sunlight
85. Yeong-Sik Perpetual glory
86. Yeong-Un Perpetual clouds
87. Yeoreum Summer
88. Ye-Seung Artistic, victorious
89. Yo-Han Glorious as the Sun
90. Yo-Seop Glorious harmony
91. Yon Lotus blossom
92. Yong-Bae Perpetual, cultivating
93. Yong-Hwa Harmony and peace
94. Yong-Jin Excitable
95. Yong-Ju Perpetual, master
96. Yong-Rae Hero coming
97. Yong-Saeng Live forever
98. Yong-Sam Swimming
99. Yong-Sun Dragon in the first position
100. Young Forever unchanging
101. Young-Jae One who is destined to be ever prosperous
102. Young-Min Prosperity, eternal and intelligence
103. Young-Soo Keeper of prosperity

There it is: a comprehensive list of strong Korean boy names for your handsome little one.

strong korean boy names

Which is your favourite out of this list of strong Korean names for boys? Any other suggestions you have for this list? Share it by commenting. 

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Written by

Sarah Voon

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