103 beautiful Korean baby girl names you will absolutely fall in love with

103 beautiful Korean baby girl names you will absolutely fall in love with

Which is your favourite?

Did you know that the most popular baby girl names over the last 100 years globally, include the likes of Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth and Jessica? But for us living in Asia, these names might come across as too  Western. One of the best ways to help you baby girl stand out in a crowd and rule the world, is to give her an uncommon name. So why not consider giving her one of our beautifully unique Korean girl names instead?

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Why Korean? Well, unique Korean girl names often come with subtle nuances in their meanings. Often, Korean names are made up of two Sino-Korean morphemes, like Chinese names, except in Korean, the first "word" is the surname, while the second is the individual name. 

Each baby is given an individual name to reflect certain characteristics that their parents would like the child to have.

unique Korean girl names

Unique Korean Girl Names and Their Meanings:

Name Meaning
1. A-Yeong Elegant, graceful, refined
2. Ae-Cha A loving daughter
3. Aera Love, net for catching birds
4. Ae-Ri Gains, advantage, profit, merit
5. Ah-In Humanness, benevolent
6. Ahnjong Tranquility
7. Ara Be beautiful and good
8. Areum Beautiful
9. Bae Inspiration
10. Bada Ocean
11. Baram Wind
12. Bitna Shining
13. Bom Springtime
14. Bong-Cha The ultimate girl
15. Byeol Star
16. Chin-Sun The one who seeks truth and goodness in everything
17. Cho Beautiful
18. Choon-Hee A girl born during spring
19. Chul Firmness
20. Chun-Ae Righteous love
21. Chun Hei Grace and justice
22. Chun Cha Noble daughter
23. Chung-Cha A righteous and chaste girl
24. Dae The great one
25. Doh Accomplished
26. Eui Righteousness/purple
27. Eun Silver
28. Eun Ae Grace with love
29. Eun Jung Grace and affection
30. Eun-Kyung A graceful gem
31. Gi Brave one
32. Goo Someone to complete you
33. Gyeong The respected one
34. Hae A girl who is like the ocean
35. Ha-Neul Sky
36. Hae-Won Graceful and beautiful garden
37. Hana Favourite
38. Hea Graceful girl
39. Hee-Young Joy and prosperity
40. Hei Ryung Grace and brightness
41. Hei-Ran Graceful orchid
42. Ho-Sook A clear lake
43. Hwa-Young A beautiful flower
44. Hyo Filial one
45. Hyo-Sonn Filial and gentle
46. Hyun Bright and intelligent
47. Hyun-Jae Wise and respectful
48. Hyun-Aw A woman who is loving and clear
49. Hyun-Ok A wise and beautiful pearl
50. Iseul From dew
51. Jae Respect
52. Jae-Hwa Respect and beauty
53. Jee Wisdom
54. Jin Ae Truth, treasure and love
55. Jin Kyong Truth, treasure and brightness
56. Ki The one who has arisen
57. Kwan Strong girl
58. Kyung Mi Honour and beauty
59. Kyung Soon Honour and mildness
60. Kyung-Hu Girl in the capital
61. Mee Beautiful
62. Mi Cha Beautiful daughter
63. Mi Kyong Beauty and brightness
64. Mi Sun Beauty and goodness
65. Mi Young Everlasting beauty
66. Mi-Hi Beauty and joy
67. Mi-Ok Beautiful pearl
68. Min Sharp-minded, quick responding person
69. Min Jee Brightness and wisdom
70. Min Jung Bright and noble
71. Mishil A beautiful kingdom or dynasty
72. Moon Learned, with a lot of knowledge
73. Mun-Hee Educated and literate
74. Myung Hee Bright and pleasant
75. Myung-Ok A bright pearl
76. Nam Kyu Southern
77. Nari Lily flower
78. Sang Hee Benevolent and pleasant
79. Seung Victorious
80. Seo-Yun Felicitous 
81. So Smile
82. So Young Eternal, beautiful and prosperous
83. Soo A charitable and noble person
84. Soo Jin Treasure, excellence and truth
85. Soo Min Excellence and cleverness
86. Soo Yun A perfect lotus flower
87. Sook She of pure nature
88. Soon-Bok Gentle and blessed
89. Sun Hee Pleasure and goodness
90. Sun Jung Goodness and nobility
91. Sung Successor
92. Whan Always growing
93. Wook Sunrise
94. Woong Grand and magnificent
95. Yon Lotus blossom
96. Yong Perpetual and brave
97. Young Mi Prosperity, eternal and beautiful
98. Young-Il The most prosperous of all
99. Young-Soon Mild and flowery
100. Youra Silky
101. Yun Lotus flower
102. Yun Hee Lotus flower, pleasure
103. Yun-Yeong Brave hero, forever

So there you have it: unique Korean girl names for your clever, gorgeous baby girl! 

Tell us – what's your favourite on our list of unique Korean girl names? Do you have any to add to it? Please share with us in a comment. 



Written by

Sarah Voon

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