Most popular baby names 2018: 31 names for baby boys and girls

Most popular baby names 2018: 31 names for baby boys and girls

Thinking of what to name your baby? This list will tell you which are going to be the most popular baby names of 2018 based on this year’s trends!

Are you having a baby next year and are unsure about names? We are here to help with our list of most popular baby names 2018. 

These are going to be the most popular baby names in 2018, according to our predictions! And whether you are having a little boy or girl, our list has you covered!

Most popular baby names 2018: For little girls

most popular baby names 2018

  1. Ada - Short form of ADELAIDE, this name was borne by Augusta Ada King (1815-1852), the Countess of Lovelace (known as Ada Lovelace), a daughter of Lord Byron
  2. Amara - Means "grace" in Igbo
  3. Amelia - Latinised form of the Germanic name Amala, meaning "work"
  4. Arabella - Medieval Scottish name, long been associated with the Latin word "orabilis", meaning beautiful/ graceful/ lovable
  5. Arya - From an old Indo-Iranian root meaning "Aryan, noble"
  6. Aurora - Means "dawn" in Latin. Aurora was the Roman goddess of the morning
  7. Ava - From the name Eve, which means in Hebrew, "to breathe" or "to live"
  8. Charlotte - French feminine diminutive of CHARLES, meaning ""petite"
  9. Ellie - Diminutive of ELEANOR, ELLEN; meaning light/torch/bright
  10. Emma - Means "whole" or "universal"
  11. Harper - Derived from a surname of a person who plays the harp or who made harps
  12. Hazel - From the English word hazel for the tree or the light brown colour
  13. Isabella - Derived from the name Elizabeth, meaning "my God is an oath"
  14. Isla - From the name of the island of Islay, which lies off of the west coast of Scotland
  15. Kennedy - From an irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Cinnéidigh meaning "descendant of CENNÉTIG"
  16. Lucy - English form of LUCIA and feminine form of LUCIUS, derived from the Latin word for "light"
  17. Luna - Means "the moon" in Latin
  18. Maeve - Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Medb meaning "intoxicating"
  19. Mila - Originally a diminutive of Slavic names containing the element 'milu'; meaning: "gracious, dear"
  20. Natalie - From the Late Latin name Natalia, which means "Christmas Day"
  21. Nora - Short form of HONORA or ELEANOR; meaning "honour"
  22. Olivia - Latin word oliva meaning "olive"
  23. Penelope - Possibly derived from Greek πηνελοψ (penelops), "a type of duck"
  24. Rylie - An English surname it is derived from a place name meaning "rye clearing" in Old English
  25. Sadie - Diminutive of SARAH, meaning "princess"
  26. Savannah - From the English word for the large grassy plain
  27. Scarlett - From a surname which denoted a person who sold or made clothes made of scarlet
  28. Stella - Means "star" in Latin
  29. Thea - Short form of DOROTHEA or THEODORA; meaning ""gift of god"
  30. Violet - From the English word violet for the purple flower
  31. Zoe - Means "life" in Greek

Most popular baby names 2018: For baby boys
most popular baby names 2018

  1. Asher - Meaning "happy, blessed" in Hebrew
  2. Atticus - From a Roman name meaning "from Attica" in Latin
  3. Brandon - From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "hill covered with broom" in Old English
  4. Caleb - Most likely related to Hebrew כֶּלֶב (kelev) meaning "dog"
  5. Corin - Derived from French name QUIRINUS, the Sabine word quiris meaning "spear"
  6. Declan - Anglicized form of Irish Deaglán, which is of unknown meaning
  7. Dylan - From the Welsh elements dy meaning "great" and llanw meaning "tide, flow"
  8. Elijah - From the Hebrew name אֱלִיָּהוּ ('Eliyyahu) meaning "my God is YAHWEH"
  9. Everett - From  a name derived from the Old English name Eoforheard; meaning "brave as a wild boar"
  10. Ezra - Meaning "help" in Hebrew
  11. Felix - From a Roman cognomen meaning "lucky, successful" in Latin
  12. Finn - From Irish fionn (older Irish finn) meaning "fair" or "white"
  13. Grayson - From an English surname meaning "son of the steward"
  14. Hunter - From an occupational English surname for a hunter
  15. Isaac - From the Hebrew name יִצְחָק (Yitzchaq) meaning "he will laugh, he will rejoice"
  16. Jack - A slang word for "man"
  17. Jasper - Meaning "treasurer" in Persian
  18. Joseph - From the Hebrew name יוֹסֵף (Yosef) meaning "he will add"
  19. Kai - Meaning "sea" in Hawaiian
  20. Leo - Meaning "lion" in Latin
  21. Levi - Possibly meaning "joined, attached" in Hebrew
  22. Liam - Short form of William, which was composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection"
  23. Logan - From a surname which was originally derived from a Scottish place name meaning "little hollow" in Scottish Gaelic
  24. Lucas - Derived from Luke, which meant "from Lucania", a southern part of Italy
  25. Noah - Derived from the Hebrew name נֹחַ (Noach) meaning "rest, comfort"
  26. Oliver - Meaning "olive tree"
  27. Reuben - Meaning "behold, a son" in Hebrew
  28. Sebastian - From the Latin name Sebastianus which meant "from Sebaste"
  29. Silas - Derived from Silvanus, a Roman name derived from Latin silva "wood, forest"
  30. Theodore - Meaning "gift of god" in Greek
  31. Xavier - Derived from the Basque place name Etxeberria meaning "the new house"

Clearly the popular names of the last few years (like Emma and Liam) have become mainstays in the list. A few oldies but goodies have made it back in the list (like Victoria and Charlotte - must be the royal English influence!).

So? What do you think? Do you think these will be the most popular baby names for 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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