5 different types of meaningful baby names

5 different types of meaningful baby names

Most parents start picking out baby names from the time they first get married or when they first find out they're expecting. After all, this is name they will refer to their child by for the rest of their lives. Read more about the 5 different styles of naming your child!

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Find out if it’s important to have a meaningful baby name?

Baby names not only give an identity to a child but also gives them a personality. When it comes to giving names to their babies, parents need to give it a lot of thought because these names are permanent. The last thing you want to happen is for your child to resent you because of the name you chose to give them. We run through 5 styles of meaningful baby name that can assist you in choosing a meaningful baby name for your child.

Popular names

While there is no right or wrong way to choose a baby name, some parents choose baby names according to what’s popular at the time their baby is born. The name might be symbolic to the parents, but one could only imagine how many baby girls were named after Britney Spears or Rihanna when they shot to fame.

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Radical names

Have you ever heard a name that’s so radical that you almost can’t believe it’s true? Well,  more and more parents are quite passionate about radically unique names and are opting for this style to give a meaningful baby name to their child. Would you believe that there is a child somewhere on this planet named Ikea, Lexus, LV or Gucci? Well, you better believe it, because they do exist.

Religious names

Some parents choose a meaningful baby name that is related to their religion. Christian parents may choose to name their child after the names found in the Bible while Hindu parents may prefer to name their baby after one of the Hindu Gods.

meaningful baby name

Having a meaningful baby name can root back traditionally for generations for some people

Family members’ names

There are some parents who opt to name their child after their parent or a relative. This practice is often common in families with strong ties. This is like a way of honouring the bond by naming the child after one of their most favourite people.

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Personally significant names

There are parents who refuse to give their children common or insignificant names. Months before their baby is born, they analyze and study names that would link its significance to the parents and the child. For example, Victoria and David Beckham gave one of their children the middle name ‘Seven’ because of its significance in their lives. Seven is the number of David’s soccer jersey. Another couple named their child Venice because her parents honeymooned in Venice, Italy where she was apparently conceived.

Your baby’s name is as meaningful as you make it. It might not make sense to some people but if it is really meaningful and special to you, you can consider it. When selecting a meaningful name for your child, please ensure that the name is truly suitable for your child though.

How did you choose a meaningful baby name for your child? How did you decide on the final name? Please leave a comment below; we’d love to hear from you. For more on choosing meaningful baby names for your child, watch this video:

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