20 unique baby names that are statistically on the rise

20 unique baby names that are statistically on the rise

These 20 unique baby names are trending upwards...fast!

Each and every year the US Social Security Administration is responsible for tracking the most popular names of the year. Recently, the Social Security Administration released the results from 2015.

This year, the final tally of names, though full of beautiful names, was nothing new or exciting. If you're curious to see that list, click here. Meanwhile, we'll be taking a look at the more interesting list to come out of their research: the names that are statistically on the rise.

To be clear, these are the 10 female names, and 10 male names that made the biggest jump on the list of top 1000 names from the list. They've been trending upwards on the list for a number of years, and you can see just how much each name has jumped in the last year. Some of them have jumped up by as many as 2000 slots! talk about a "hot" name!

Here's the list of baby names on the rise and the number of spots they jumped on the list in 2015:


  1. Alaia +2012
  2. Meilani +1836
  3. Aitana +1721
  4. Aislinn +1385
  5. Taya +1107
  6. Adaline +1029
  7. Briar +597
  8. Zelda +512
  9. Adley +495
  10. Lennox +416



  1. Riaan +1360
  2. Huxley +392
  3. Wilder +360
  4. Jaziel +276
  5. Canaan +271
  6. Kaison +251
  7. Brixton +212
  8. Ridge +204
  9. Omari +198
  10. Jabari +194

Clearly, the names on the list are highly influenced by other cultures. Some are even influenced by pop culture! Either way, these names are trending upwards...fast!

If you've been looking for an interesting, elegant, and cultured name, these 20 names may worth a look! It'll probably be a while before a name like Jaziel, or Huxley catches on in a big way, but there's no denying that some of the names on the list are unique and beautiful in their own way.

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