Ultimate list of 193 best Japanese baby names for boys

Ultimate list of 193 best Japanese baby names for boys

"John" or "Adrian" not doing it for you? Consider these adorable Japanese names for your baby boy!

You might have just got your 20 week scan done and know that you’re going to be parents to a darling little baby boy. In addition to scheduling checkups, planning around work and organising your finances, the one thing you probably think about a lot is what to name your baby boy! You want a name that’s meaningful, catchy, AND unique. We suggest you go for one of these names on our list of best Japanese baby names for boys around! 

Here’s a list of 193 best Japanese baby names for boys:

best Japanese baby names

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Japanese baby name (for boys)


Aito sea, ocean
Akio Bright man, manly, hero
Asas Physician and a healer; a beautiful morning
Benjiro Enjoys peace
Chibi Short person or small child
Chiharu Springs and clear skies
Chikafusa The close one
Chikao A clever and wise individual
Chiko A pledge
Chimon Gate of wisdom
Daichi From the earth
Daido The best way possible
Daiki The noble one; filled with radiance and light
Daisuke The large one
Danno Gathering; to put together
Denji One who has electromagnetic power
Eito A very prosperous person; they are kind-hearted
Enmei Bright circle or life-sustaining
Fumihiro Refers extensive condemnation
Genkei The one who deserves honour and integrity
Giichi One Rule, the righteous one
Gin Silver
Ginjiro Good silver
Gou Strong and powerful just like a mountain
Habiki Echo, sound
Hachirou Eighth son; A variant transcription is Hachiro
Hakaku White, older brother (Japanese) lord
Hansuke A very helpful friend
Haru Born in the Spring; clear up; Sun; sunlight
Harue Spring bough; sunshine
Haruki Spring wood; clear up; radiance; sunshine
Haruko Spring child; sunshine; clear up; radiance; firstborn child
Hayate Fresh breeze; smooth
Hibiki Echo; sound
Hideaki Bright, excellent
Hideki Excellence, esteem, excellent
Hideo Excellent male child; excellent Man
Hideyoshi Excellence, esteem, good luck
Hiroaki Spreading brightness; radiance and gloriousness
Hirohito Plentiful benevolence or goodwill; abundant benevolence
Hiroki Large sparkle; abundant joy and strength
Hiromichi Broad street; Wilde street
Hiromitsu Large light; extensive radiance
Hironori Benevolent ruler; tolerant ruler
Hiroshi Generous; benevolent; tolerant
Hiroto Fly far; big flight
Hiroyuki A lot of happiness; broad happiness
Hiryur A dragon who flies; a versatile and spontaneous individual
Hisahito Virtuous; calm and everlasting
Hisao Story of life; life story
Hisashi Always with you; a long time intention
Hisato One with a long life
Hisoki Secretive; reserved; a variant of Hisoka
Hitoshi Equal; level; even-tempered
Hoshi Star
Hyousuke Even-tempered; a soldier who is very helpful
Jiro Second Son; next son
Joben Enjoy cleanliness
Jobon The one who enjoys cleanliness
Jomei Always bring joy and love music
Jun Obedient
Junichiro He who takes
Junpei Pure; genuine; innocent; considerate; kind
Jurou Tenth Son; a variant of Juro
Kaemon Righthanded
Kage Shadow
Kaito Sea, ocean
Kaiyo To forgive
Kamaye Enthusiastic
Kamin The one filled with joy
Katsuro The victory of the son
Kazu The first one
Kazue The favour of harmony and peace
Kazuo The firstborn child
Kazuya The calm and peaceful one
Kazz He who makes peace
Keiji Respect, two, or governs with discretion
Keitaro Blessed, huge gift
Ken’ichi Healthy, strong
Kenji Strong and vigorous, a wise second son
Kentaro Big man, big boy
Kenzou Strong and healthy
Keola Kanzou means wise and three
Kioshi Silent
Kiyoshi He is pure
Ko To plough, or to cultivate
Koichi Happiness and one
Koji To light the way
Kojii Abundance and two
Kouichi Happiness, one
Kouki Light
Kousuke Clear and inlet
Koya A clever and quick-witted leader
Kuniko The child from the country
Kuraim Dark and gloomy
Kurapati A house of treasures
Kuro The ninth son
Kyosuke With respect
Lawliet Name of the character in the Japanese series Death Note, a made-up name
Mareo He who is rare
Marise One who is infinite, endless
Maro Myself
Maru Something precious; used to suffix in Japanese names
Masa True sand
Masakazu First son of Masa
Masao A saint
Masaru Victory
Masato Justice
Matsu A pine tree
Michiaki Road, path, way, lane, street
Miki A tree
Minoru The process of a tree when it bears fruit when fruit grows on a tree
Namiko A child of the waves or a surfing child
Nao An honest person, who never lies
Naoki Truthful and open tree
Naoyuki Straightforward and glee
Naozumi Frank and cheerfulness
Natsuo The one who came to this world during summer season
Noboru Increase or rise or triumphant
Noburu Getting wider or bigger
Noritaka Commandment and devoted virtue
Notin One which is round and nothing less
Oshin A name from the titular famous television series
Raden God of thunder
Raeden Thunder God
Rai Thunder and lightning
Raiden Thunder
Raidon God of thunder
Raijin A spirit of thunder
Reiji Courteous child; A well-mannered baby; kind and well-behaved
Renzo The third son in the family
Riki A man of power and strength
Rikuto A person of the land
Ringo One who is like an apple
Ruka Bright blue flower; spiritual
Ryo One who is a survivor; to exceed, survive or excel
Ryota Clear, refreshing or something good
Ryoto A person who is like a dragon
Ryu To be mighty as a dragon
Ryuu Dragon; a variant spelling is Ryu
Ryuusei One who is reborn as holy and prosperous
Saburo Japanese name meaning brightness
Sachihiro A broad happiness
Samuru His name is God
Sasuke A helper
Seiichi A firstborn son
Seiua Name for an arrow star or the almighty pure father figure
Seto Surname, means white
Shichiro A seventh son
Shin A person who is real, genuine
Shinjiro One who is a pure and true person
Shinta A person who develops, cultuvates things
Shiro The four sons
Sho One who will soar
Shohta A thick, big person
Shoma Reaching for truth
Shou One who soars and glides
Shouta A big person who soars
Shunsuke He who is a sagacious help
Shusuke One who learns to meditate
Souji One who is a general director
Souta A sudden sound of the wind
Suguru An eminent person
Suzu A man who lives long
Tadaaki Faithful light
Tadashi A servant that is loyal and faithful; right one
Taemon One with good morals; well-behaved person
Taichi A thick or big one
Taiga Big and well-mannered person
Taiki Big, great tree; Full of brightness
Taji The yellow and silver colour
Takahiro Abundantly respectful and loving
Takai The next world
Takashi Devoted piety
Takato Precious measure of exaltation
Takaya One who has much respect for someone
Takeo Warrior, one who fights for his kingdom
Taku Young, living just for a little time yet
Takuma An open truth
Tamaki A boy who is a true gem
Taro He who is a big boy
Tarou A big son
Tatsuya Sign of the dragon
Teijo A righteous boy
Tetsuya An intelligent philosopher
Tohru A transparent person
Tokyo The capital to the East
Tomiche A wealthy and prosper person
Tomiichi One who is wealthy and prosper
Tomohiro A huge or broad wisdom or knowledge
Tomoya A wise or an intelligent person
Toshiro A talented or intelligent person
Tsukiya Resembles the white moon

Inspired to name your baby from our list of the best Japanese baby names for boys? Let us know in the comments!


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