Games to Play With Kids Indoors: 8 Fun Games You Can Play When You're Too Tired to Move

Games to Play With Kids Indoors: 8 Fun Games You Can Play When You're Too Tired to Move

Minimal effort, maximum fun. Try these fun activities to keep your little one entertained while you enjoy some much-needed mummy downtime!

If kids had their way, they would play and run around all day. If only mums could tap into their seemingly unlimited well of energy! Have you ever wished there was a tired mum’s guide to keeping up with energetic kids?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re sick or just exhausted from work and keeping the household running, there is no escaping keeping your kids occupied. So it helps to get extra creative. You can come up with fun games while sneaking in some much-needed mummy downtime!

The tired mum’s guide to being their kid’s favourite playmate

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The tired mum’s guide to play takes minimal effort but promises maximum fun!

1. Embark on a “spy mission”

The objective of this game is for kids to be super quiet (something that tired mums will enjoy!). Tell them to try and sneak into a room, without being caught.

You can even improvise on this game’s mechanics. For instance, ask them to “uncover a treasure” by burying an object under a pile of clothes or asking them to hide you under a pile of blankets as you catch a quick catnap.

2. Open up a beauty salon

Games to Play With Kids Indoors: 8 Fun Games You Can Play When You're Too Tired to Move

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Give them brushes, hair ties, clips, and makeup (if you’re brave enough). Then let them give you a makeover! Let yourself be pampered by your kiddos. Just don’t forget to keep those scissors out of reach!

You can even ask them to use washable markers to make fun tattoos. Not only does this save you from having to run around, it allows you to have some quality bonding time with the kids.

3. Unleash their inner artist

For your creative little one, play a game where you ask them to paint a portrait of you while you remain very, very still. You can come up with funny, unusual directions, like painting your face blue or giving you bright pink hair!

When they’re done, display their creation with pride in your home to further build your child’s confidence.

4. Judge a talent competition

This is perfect for little ones with boundless energy. They can sing, dance, or perform a dramatic monologue as if they were on a reality show.

You can even copy The Voice if you have a swivel chair at home. Have them perform with your back to them and turn around if you enjoyed their performance and “want them on your team.”

5. Go camping

Games to Play With Kids Indoors: 8 Fun Games You Can Play When You're Too Tired to Move

Image source: iStock

Set up your own pillow fort or tent indoors and share snacks, read books, listen to audiobooks or watch movies. Then comes nap time of course! A perfect time to sneak in some Zs for tired mums.

6. Prepare magical ‘busy boxes’

Best prepared in advance, these boxes contain toys to whip out in case of emergency! You can fill them with clay, dolls, cars, books, musical instruments, or even activity boards.

The fact that they’re stowed away for most of the year will make unboxing all the more special. While they’re busy going through these boxes, kick your feet up and enjoy a cool drink.

It’s important to watch them as they play; not just for their own safety, but so that they’re reassured that you’re paying attention.

7. Hold a chore chart competition

Give each of your kids a checklist of chores to complete. The first one who completes all tasks wins!

Just make sure to keep chores age-appropriate and safe, mums, so you can truly kick back and relax.

8. Let them be bored

When all else fails, don’t worry. You don’t have to facilitate play 24/7. Allowing your kids to experience boredom could actually be a good thing. It gives them the opportunity to exercise their imagination.

It also encourages them to be independent and responsible when it comes to their own entertainment and enjoyment.

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