The only guide you'll need for unisex baby names in 2019

The only guide you'll need for unisex baby names in 2019

Boy or girl? Choose a name that covers both angles!

Out with the old and in with the new! In 2019 unisex names are the trendy approach parents take when naming their children. If you had called your daughter “Charlie” 100 years ago, people would think you were strange! Now, more girls than boys are rocking the name. Some parents find it easier to plan since they only have one list of names to work from!

While it isn’t clear why unisex names are in vogue, one thing is clear – gender-fluid names are here to stay. Many are very meaningful, while others have a nice ring to it. Have a look at our different categories, separated into Nature, Geography, Personality/Character, Colour and even names inspired by jobs!

75 2019 unisex names


2019 unisex names

Choosing from nature is popular for 2019 unisex names | Image source: Pexels


Name Meaning Origin
Briar A thorny patch English
Chaman Garden Hindu
Feng Mian Scenery of leaves entering a slumber China
Izumi Spring Japan
Jiang River China
Lennox Elm grove Scottish
Mu Wood China
River Named after the natural feature English
Shahin Royal white falcon Muslim
Sindhu Ocean Hindu
Sindhu Ocean Hindu
Tanveer Rays of light Muslim
Varuna All enveloping sky Hindu
Wren Named after the English bird English


Name Meaning Origin
Dakota Friendly one Sioux
Memphis Enduring and beautiful Greek
Milan Gacious, dear Slavic
Raleigh Meadow of deer English
Sydney Saint Denis French
Tennessee Named after the state American


2019 unisex names

Names about personality are still popular for 2019 unisex names | Image Source: PXhere


Name Meaning Origin
Aang Peaceful and to lift up China
Afsar Crown Arabic
Avery Ruler of the elves English
Azariah Helped by God Hebrew
Bai White China
Blake Fair-hared, dark English
Casey Brave in Battle Irish
Chang Prosperous China
Charlie Free man German
Cheyenne People of a different language Sioux
Daya Kindness Hindu
Emory Industrious German
Fu Wealthy, lotus China
Hiromi Generous, beauty Japan
Hrdika Heart, friendship Hindu
Huan Happiness China
Iijal Honour Arabic
Intisar Victory, triumph Arabic
Izaz Esteemed Arabic
Jun Talented, ruler China/Japan
Kei Blessing Japan
Lei Upright China
Maki True, precious Japan
Makoto Sincerity Japan
Max Greatest German
Nova New Latin
Nusrat Help, assistance Muslim
Phoenix Dark red Greek
Ping Peaceful China
Rei Companion, friend Japan/Hebrew
Riley Courageous Irish
Royal Based on English royalty English
Sakae Prosperity Japan
Srestha Excellent Hindu
Stevie Crown Greek
Teru Brilliant Japan
Thangamani Precious Hindu
Tomoe Blessing Japan
Uksita Full of growth Hindu
Zhong Loyal China


Name Meaning Origin
Ivory Pale, White English
Sage Wise Latin
Grey/Gray Named after the colour English
Ash Ash tree English
Garnet Pomegranate French
Jet Named after a mineral English


Names inspired by occupations

2019 unisex names

Having occupation names is the trend for 2019 unisex names | Image source: Max Pixel

Name Meaning Origin
Alexis Defender Greek
Armani Warrior Italian
Aubrey Elf ruler English
Baylor Horse trainer English
Harper Harp player English
Landry Ruler French
Oakley Oak clearing English
Remy Oarsman Latin
Tyler Maker of tiles English

Not your cup of tea? Check here for more ideas on gender fluid names, or here for Asian gender neutral names.

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