64 Asian gender neutral names for modern parents to consider

64 Asian gender neutral names for modern parents to consider

These names have beautiful meanings and can be used to name either a girl or boy.

For the longest time Asian names have stayed largely the same. Often, the names are derived from temples or “si fu” masters who bestow the name upon an unborn child. But modern parents in Asia nowadays are more interested in giving their children names that they have picked out on their own, such as Asian gender neutral names.

asian gender neutral names

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Gender neutral names are in trend now because the concept of gender has shifted drastically. Parents are now encouraged to allow their children to embrace whoever they are or turn out to be in the future. It is important to allow the child space to grow – and one way of doing so is by giving them Asian gender neutral names.

So if you’re looking for Asian gender neutral names, we’ve put together a list of 64 unique names to consider:

asian gender neutral names

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64 unique Asian gender neutral names

Name Meaning Origin
Aalam World Arabic
Aang Peaceful and to lift up China
Aaradhya First one Sanskrit
Afsar Crown Arabic
Akira Intelligence Japan
Bai White China
Bhagya Fate, destiny Hindu
Bo To dwell China
Chaman Garden Hindu
Chang Prosperous China
Chiaki A thousand bright lights Japan
Chihiro Thousands, abundance Japan
Daya Kindness Hindu
Fu Wealthy, lotus China
Guang Light China
Hari Reddish Hindu
Hatsu Beginning Japan
Hemadri Golden mountain Hindu
Heng Eternal China
Hikaru (20) To shine Japan
Hinata  Towards the sun Japan
Hiromi Generous, beauty Japan
Hrdika Heart, friendship Hindu
Huan Happiness China
Ilavarta Protector of speech Hindu
Iijal Honour Arabic
Intisar Victory, triumph Arabic
Iori Retreat Japan
Izaz Esteemed Arabic
Izumi Spring Japan
Jambuki Purple Hindu
Jian Health China
Jiang River China
Jun (34) Talented, ruler China/Japan
Kayo Beautiful generation Japan
Kazu First Japan
Kei Blessing Japan
Kelika Sporting Hindu
Kohinur The mountain of light Muslim
Kyo (40) Cooperation Japan
Lei Upright China
Mahita Celebrated Hindu
Maki True, precious Japan
Makoto Sincerity Japan
Midori Green Japan
Mikoto Lord, highness Japan
Mu Wood China
Nusrat Help, assistance Muslim
Ping Peaceful China
Rei (50) Companion, friend Japan/Hebrew
Sakae Prosperity Japan
Setsuna Split second Japan/China/India
Shahin Royal white falcon Muslim
Sindhu Ocean Hindu
Srestha Excellent Hindu
Tamaki Jewel tree Japan
Tanveer Rays of light Muslim
Teru Brilliant Japan
Thangamani Precious Hindu
Tomoe Blessing Japan
Uksita Full of growth Hindu
Varuna All enveloping sky Hindu
Yoshika Good fragrance Japan
Zhong Loyal China

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