101 Unique Gender Neutral Names for Little One to Prepare Them for the Gender Fluid Future

101 Unique Gender Neutral Names for Little One to Prepare Them for the Gender Fluid Future

Nowadays, gender-neutral names often have a variety of sources which aren't linked to gender - making them easy to assign to either one.

Parents, we know giving birth to your child necessitates a lot of planning. From finances, education, activities – there are a lot of big decisions to make. But the first BIG decision you have to make is what to name your child – which stays on for life. However, living in an age where gender stereotypes and even “genderless babies” can be tough. Fortunately, we’ve also come into an age where there’s a solution: unique gender neutral names.


What are unique gender neutral names, and why do people use it?

Gender neutral names, otherwise known as unisex names, are names that can be given to both boys and girls. These names are becoming more and more common within developed, English-based countries.

Unique gender neutral names are names that aren’t commonly used. Usually, the weirder and rarer ones aren’t associated with one gender or the other – and so becomes unisex. Many of these names come from a variety of origins and are gradually becoming part of the English vocabulary daily.

Unique gender neutral names are usually first names which come from sources like:

  • other people’s surnames reworded to become a first name
  • a name coming from nature (e.g. Lake, winter) or cities
  • names that come from virtues (hope, justice)
  • and made-up names or common names with changes with spelling.

There are several reasons why has become more popular for parents to give their little ones gender-neutral names. We live in an age where gender isn’t a concrete concept anymore. Growing up, children who do end up exploring their sexuality and identifying themselves of a different gender won’t have to face discrimination.

Furthermore, gender-neutral names are a way of empowering girls, such as by giving them names that give off the impression of masculinity. Gender-neutral names are also important in teaching boys with “female” names that girls aren’t any lesser than them.

Overall, unique gender-neutral names are a step in the right direction to rid the world of gender stereotypes and sexist behaviour. And so if you want to equip your child with equal rights from the beginning, here are unique gender neutral names for you to consider.  

Here are the list of 101 unique gender neutral names!

unique gender neutral names

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Unique Gender Neutral Names from A-E

  1. Aarya, meaning “prayer” or “Goddess”. Origin: Sanskrit.
  2. Addison, meaning “son of Adam”. Origin Old English
  3. Alby, meaning “coming from Alba”. Origin: English
  4. Angel, meaning “god’s messenger”. Origin: Greek.
  5. Arden, meaning “eden”. Origin: Hebrew
  6. Arlo, meaning “fortified hill”. Origin: Anglo Saxon.
  7. Arya, meaning “lion”. Origin: Aramaic and Hebrew
  8. Ashton, meaning “ash tree town”. Origin: English
  9. Aspen, meaning “aspen tree”. Origin: English
  10. Aubrey, meaning “powerful elf:”. Origin: French
  11. Avery, meaning “ruler of elves”. Origin: French
  12. Bailey, meaning “law enforcer”. Origin: Old French
  13. Blair, meaning “dweller on the plain”. Origin: Scottish
  14. Brook, meaning “a tiny stream”. Origin: Middle English
  15. Brooklyn, a combination of “Brook”and “-lyn”, a common suffix. Origin: English
  16. Cameron, meaning “crooked nose”. Origin: Scottish
  17. Carmen, meaning “song”. Origin: Latin
  18. Cassidy, meaning “the curly haired one”. Origin: Irish
  19. Celyn, meaning “Holly”. Origin: Ireland, Gallic
  20. Cody, meaning “obliging”. Origin: English
  21. Corey, meaning “dweller of the hollow” or “Raven”. Origin: Gaelic.
  22. Dakota, meaning “friend”. Origin: American Indian.
  23. Devon, meaning “defender”. Origin: English 
  24. Eden, meaning “paradise”. Origin: Hebrew
  25. Eli, meaning “high” or “my God. Origin: Hebrew
  26. Ellery, meaning “from the elder tree island”. Origin: German
  27. Emery, meaning “brave and powerful”. Origin: English
  28. Erin, meaning “Ireland”. Origin: Irish
unique gender neutral names

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Unique Gender Neutral Names from F-K

  1. Fabian, meaning “bean grower”. Origin: Latin
  2. Finley, meaning “fair hero”. Origin: English version of Gallic names.
  3. Florian, meaning “blooming or flowering”. Origin: Latin
  4. Flynn, meaning “Ruddy”. Origin: Gallic
  5. Gray, meaning “of the grey”. Origin: Old English.
  6. Hadley, meaning “from the heather covered meadow”. Origin: English
  7. Harlow, meaning “one who dwells in a rocky or hilly area”. Origin: Old English.
  8. Harper, meaning “harp player”. Origin: Middle English.
  9. Hayden, meaning “from the hedged valley”. Origin: Old English
  10. Hendrix, an extension of “Henry”, which originated from German.
  11. Hero, meaning “a heroic warrior”. Origin: Greek
  12. Hunter, meaning “a huntsman”. Origin: English
  13. Indiana, meaning “land of the Indians”. Origin: English
  14. Indigo, meaning “blue”. Origin: Latin
  15. Jaidyn, meaning “God is Gracious. Origin: American
  16. Jasper, meaning “treasurer. Origin: Persian
  17. Jules, meaning “youthful”. Origin: Latin
  18. Justice, meaning “Just one”. Origin: French
  19. Kadin, meaning “a companion or friend”. Origin: English
  20. Keegan, meaning “a descendant of Aodhagan”. Origin: Irish.
  21. Kendall, meaning “of the royal valley”. Origin: English
  22. Kris, meaning “carrier of Christ”. Origin: Greek
unique gender neutral names

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Unique gender neutral names from L-S

  1. Lane, meaning “a narrow country road”. Origin: English
  2. Linden, meaning “Lime Tree”. Origin: English
  3. London, meaning “fortress” or the capital city. Origin: English and Jewish
  4. Lonnie, meaning “noble and ready”. Origin: German
  5. Lucian, meaning “bringer of light”. Origin: French
  6. Lumi, meaning “snow”. Origin: Finnish
  7. Marley, meaning “from the lake meadow”. Origin: English
  8. Marlow, meaning “from the hill by the lake”. Origin: English
  9. Mattie, meaning “strength in battle”. Origin: German
  10. Micah, meaning “who is like god?”. Origin: Hebrew
  11. Montana, meaning “mountainous”. Origin: Latin
  12. Moriah, meaning “taught by god”. Origin: Hebrew
  13. Nevada, meaning “snowy”. Origin: Spanish
  14. Nicky, a short form Nicholas, which comes from the Greek Goddess of victory, Nike. Origin: English
  15. Nico, meaning “victorious people”. Origin: English
  16. Oakley, meaning “from the oak-tree meadow”. Origin: Old English
  17. Ocean, meaning “the sea”. Origin: English
  18. Ode, meaning “rich”. Origin: Teutonic
  19. Ore, meaning “man of the mountains” (derived from old Greek). Origin: Greek
  20. Paris, meaning “lover”. Origin: Greek
  21. Peyton, meaning “from a small town”. Origin: Old English 
  22. Phoenix, meaning “reborn”. Origin: Greek
  23. Piper, meaning “a pipe player”. Origin: Middle English
  24. Presley, meaning “from the Priest’s meadow”. Origin: English
  25. Quinn, meaning “intelligence, wise”. Origin: Irish
  26. Raphael, meaning “God has healed”. Origin: Hebrew
  27. Reese, meaning “ardour”. Origin: English
  28. Rory, meaning “red king”. Origin: Irish
  29. Roux (pronounced ‘Roo’), meaning “little red one”. Origin: French
  30. Rowan, meaning “of the tree”. Origin: English
  31. Sage, meaning “wise”. Origin: Latin
  32. Samar, meaning “evening conversation”. Origin: Sanskrit
  33. Sidney, meaning “wide island: south of water”. Origin: English
  34. Skylar, meaning “scholar. Origin:”Dutch
  35. Sloane, meaning “”a multitude of people / warriors”. Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  36. Sparrow, meaning “small chirpy person”. Origin: Middle English
  37. Storm, meaning “stormy weather”. Origin: English
  38. Story, meaning “tale”. Origin: American
  39. Sunny, meaning “bright and cheerful”. Origin: English
  40. Sydney, meaning “wide meadow” or “from Saint Denis (a place)”. Origin: French
unique gender neutral names

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Unique Gender Neutral names from U-Z

  1. Umber, meaning “shade”. Origin:  French
  2. Val, meaning “strong”. Origin: English
  3. Vesper, meaning “evening star and evening player”. Origin: Latin
  4. Wilder, meaning “hunter”. Origin: German
  5. Winter, meaning “rebirth of spring”. Origin: Tuetonic
  6. Wyatt, meaning “guide”. Origin: English
  7. Wynn or Wynne, meaning “fair or white”. Origin: Welsh
  8. Xen, which is a variant representation of “zen”. Origin: Japanese
  9. Xoan, meaning “God is good”. Origin: Hebrew
  10. Yael, meaning “mountain goat”. Origin: Hebrew
  11. Zion, meaning “a sign”. Origin: Hebrew

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