What's your parenting style? theAsianparent survey

What's your parenting style? theAsianparent survey

A sure fire way to go baby crazy was to drop by at the Baby Baby exhibition held at Suntec last weekend. The venue was packed with very enthusiastic parents and their—yes you got it—beautiful and adorable babies! We got to chat with you about your unique parenting styles and here is what we found out...

Parenting style survey

Check out what these survey results say about Singapore’s parenting styles

We have to confess that we could not get enough of those angelic little ones. Some were snuggly in their blankies while deep in slumber and others were active and squirmy all over—they got us more excited too!

This was a perfect opportunity to talk to the special and dedicated people who created these delightful little beings. So, we spoke to you about your parenting styles and picked your brain a bit. We asked you three fun and simple questions, nothing too complicated on a relaxing weekend, and below are the results of our fun survey. There is no right or wrong answer; just your honest response…

Our first question: What do you do when your child loses a tooth?

Many of you chuckled at this question, saying that your baby’s toothless for now. So, we said this is your decision when your kid eventually looses his/her tooth—you know it will happen. 58.10% of you are practical and would go the route of educating your kid about the process of losing a tooth. 17.70% of you will tell your kid about the enchanting tooth fairy because capturing your child’s imagination is important as well. 16.4% are less sentimental, saying that you’d just throw it away –what value is a dead tooth anyway, does not deserve much of an afterthought, right? Finally, only 7.80% of you say that you’d actually give him/her a dollar for each tooth.

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Our second question: What do you put in your child’s lunchbox?

By this question we can categorize you as a healthy parent or the type who loves to treat their kids to not-so-healthy snacks. But we’re not trying to pigeon hole you, we’re just curious as to what you feed your babies. The great news is that a majority, 67.40% of you, say that you would put fruits and nuts in your kid’s lunchbox. So you passed the test guys!

20.30% answered that pasta was the way to go as it is more filling. 7.20% went Asian on us and picked chicken rice as your choice. And our least fave choice was candy and chips—only 5.10% of you chose this less healthy option. Good job.

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Our third question: What do you do when your baby is asleep?

The answer that we get from asking this question pretty much varies on whether we ask a mom or a dad. A dad would almost always say that he wants to catch some kick-back time with his entertainment console. New moms on the other hand almost always answered that they would want sleep with their babies because they can’t bear to be away from their baby, even for a mili-nano-second.

Here are the results: 56.50% say that you tidy up and get some work done, this is almost the only time you can do “non-parenting” stuff. 23.4% join your baby in getting some shut eye, which is also the smart thing to do as this could be the only peaceful time to rest. 11.30% catch a breath when the babies are out and finally 8.80% catch up on TV programmes when the little ones are dreaming away. Check out tips for good sleep habits for your baby.

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