Healthy food rules to live by

Healthy food rules to live by

Here are some interesting food rules that can help us eat and live healthy.

Author Michael Pollan of the Daily Mail shares some interesting food rules that can help us eat and live healthy. You might already know some of these but a few might be entirely new to  you.

Eat less of foods that are made from super refined flour. According to Pollan the "whiter the bread, the sooner you'll be dead." Researchers say that the effect of white flour on our body is just like that of sugar. So to live longer and healthier, it's better to give your family a diet that's rich in whole grains.0

Avoid foods that are overly processed. If grandma doesn't recognize the food, then most likely it's been processed using too much additives and preservatives. Speaking of additives, if you like giving your kids cereal in the morning, make sure that you buy one that doesn't change the colour of milk. 'Cause if it does, then it means that a lot of chemicals have already been added to it to make it more appealing to kids.

Eat foods that rot eventually. If a food can stay on the shelf for years without rotting, it means that it has already been added with a lot of preservatives. So, avoid eating foods that are sold at petrol stations or convenience stores because they are processed in such a way that they become imperishable.

Low-fat doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Foods that are labeled "low-fat" can still be fattening. Pollan says that it's better to eat the original thing than to binge on something "lite".

Occasionally treating your family to some treats is okay. After all, they're called treats. So chips, cookies, pizzas, ice cream and other treats should not be staples in your diet. Instill in your kids a sense of occasion and make them understand that these foods are only to be consumed when there are special events.

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Vania Tan

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