The many yoga benefits for children

The many yoga benefits for children

Yoga benefits kids too. How? Well, both physically and mentally. Learn more about how yoga will promote a healthier lifestyle for your kid and where you might enroll your kid in classes.

The many yoga benefits for childrenPhysiologically, regular yoga practice will increase your child’s co-ordination, strength and flexibility. Psychologically, a regular practice of postures, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises can help to balance temperament and relieve stress.

Yoga helps to:

Give children better sleep at night

Postures such as Downward Dog increases the flow of blood to the sleep center in the brain, which encourages better rest when children go to sleep at night.

Improve strength and flexibility

Through regular practice of yoga poses, children will develop better strength and flexibility that will help them excel in sports and have better psychomotor control.

Increase concentration, focus and attention

As children partake in repeated breathing exercises and practice their poses, they will learn how to focus -- they will learn to be more mindful of themselves and their surroundings.

Increase self-esteem

Yoga is a non-competitive hobby that allows children to develop and learn at their own speed without the pressure of feeling unable to match up to others.

Decrease anxiety and relieve stress

The soothing routines that yoga gives children will help them to slow down and take things easy as yoga is something that is done at a slow pace with no demands on them. It increases their ability to relax.

Increase compassion and trust

Yoga teaches children to relate to others and the world around them through the calm interactions in the class.

Improves digestion and ease gas pains for children

Certain yoga poses are great for opening the stomach area and helping improve digestion by keeping digestive juices flowing and some are good for stretching out muscles to help children relief their gas pains.

Strengthen the immune system

A calm and soothed nervous system is the best way to strengthen and maintain the immune system.

The many yoga benefits for childrenStrengthen social connection and develop a sense of community

In a digital age, children come into less contact with others than before. Yoga helps bring them together in a peaceful and fun learning environment.

Express themselves better

Yoga teaches children how to open up and get in touch with their inner-selves and teaches them how to better convey their intentions.

Kids learn more about the world around them

While in various poses, the teacher may get the children to imagine that they are the animals that inspired the poses. This helps them to understand how the yoga poses came about and the characteristics of those animals too.

Helps calm children with ADD

Children who suffer from ADD benefit from yoga as it teaches calming, relaxing breathing techniques, and the focused time in specific postures helps still the children. Yoga helps to keep those hyperactive tendencies in a more positive direction.

Develop creativity and imagination

During the class, children will get a chance to expand their creativity and imagination as they pretend to be the animals whose poses they mimic, such as barking in downward dog, or mooing while in the cow pose.

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Kids Yoga

Enroll your child in our Kids Yoga course and let your child explore a fun, physical activity in a non-competitive and positive environment.

We will guide your child in integrated poses deriving inspiration from the natural world around us, such as downward dog, rabbit, camel, cat and tree; and teach these poses together with principles of interdependence and oneness. We will also engage the entire mind, body and spirit in a way that honors your child’s innate intelligence

Date & Time:

Sunday, 27 May, 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Sunday, 3 June, 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Sunday, 10 June, 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Sunday, 17 June, 12.30pm - 1.30pm


$169 (Non-Members)

$159 (Members)

For more information visit our website at


A little more about Hom Yoga

Located in Darlinghurst, Sydney and Singapore; Hom Yoga is trendy and fun with a twist of bohemian-eclectic . Hom Yoga inspires a fresh and modern approach to practicing hot yoga, and offers a diverse range of hot yoga classes such as Hot Hatha, Hot Hom and Hot Flow. Each hot yoga style is unique and taught by Hom Yoga’s internationally trained and passionate yoga teachers.

The many yoga benefits for children

The inspiration behind Hom Yoga

The founder of Hom Yoga Singapore and Australia, Malvina Risby shares how yoga has enriched her life: “Yoga has completely changed my life and the way I view the world. It has provided a space for me to be still and completely present and grateful for everything I have – my wonderful family, my amazing husband and a great group of passionate people that I work with on daily basis.

It’s also given me space to push out the negative, to work through the problems I may encounter in my life and to see a silver lining in every situation. Yoga has shown me the value of acceptance of the ups and downs of life and the on goings of the world around me.

Yoga has also shown me the value of self-respect and independence; and given me the opportunity to succeed in my own right as a woman in this modern age.”

Malvina believes that: “Yoga is a powerful tool for children—giving them the opportunity to grow and develop in a non-competitive environment, where their actions will not be graded or judged upon. Especially in our modern age where technology is so prevalent, yoga provides a respite and allows children to feel a connection through their yoga practice with the natural world around them. Themes of nature, animals (tree pose, rabbit pose, camel pose) or themes of love and connectedness are basic ideas and principles that are introduced into a child’s yoga practice.”

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