Try an app that puts your kid to sleep

Try an app that puts your kid to sleep

If only it takes a snap for your kids to nod off into slumber land. As far as we know there is an elaborate routine that goes along with putting our rug rats to sleep. If all else has failed, why not try out an app that might just knock ‘em out flat.

Apps that help your child sleep

Find out how your child can sleep more soundly

Gone are your days of – “I sleep when I feel like it”. Now, you sleep only when your kids allow you to. Well, there is a phone app that will make it easier to put your kids to bed without them fighting you off every single time.

Mr. Matthew Nifield, the guy who helped develop of this kiddy sleep app, understands our predicament. He is a 33-year-old father with twin girls, Maddie and Gwen, who never allow him to sleep as they never fall asleep at the same time.

White noise ambience

White noise ambience app

Then he was struck with a sound idea (pun intended), when he noticed that certain sounds made his girls yawn and nod off. The once tired father said: “I looked for an app to help them doze off but there wasn’t one, so I created my own.”

Try an app that puts your kid to sleep

Check out the app called White Noise Ambience, it plays soothing sounds and has already been quite a hit with parents worldwide—making Matthew about S$120,000 a year! He simply went around recording sounds that are gentle like lapping waves, purring kitties, rainfall on a car roof, garden sprinkler and steam engines.

Then he played it to the twins when it was naptime. And before you know it, he was sleeping like a baby—because his babies were sleeping too! The app designer said: “The girls’ favourite is waves crashing. I like rain on a car. I drop off after ten minutes of that.”

You should consider trying this app if you have exhausted all other means, it has 150 sounds that includes frogs and even a tumble dryer. Another option is to trick your kid to sleep, here are some tips. It is useful to instill good sleep habits for your child. You can also read up on the possible links to your child’s refusal to sleep here. Good luck!



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