11 hacks to get your kids to go to sleep on time!

11 hacks to get your kids to go to sleep on time!

You’re exhausted and your kid is still bouncing off the walls—so what now? We have some tips for you to get your kid to voluntarily change into pyjamas and crawl under the sheets…

bedtime for kids

Bedtime for kids: Find out how to get your kids to go to bed on time.

1. A bedtime routine that is consistent is very important. This means that the sequence of events that happen before bedtime like putting on pyjamas, brushing teeth, going to pee pee, reading a story and so on sets the scene for bedtime. Think of the bed time ritual as a train trip—your children should see it as getting on that train with no return, get that train out of the station and allow it to depart for slumber land.

2. You should be firm with the rules you set, your kid might start trying to whine or negotiate when bedtime rolls around. They will think up ways and means to tell you why they cannot go to bed. Don’t give in. You are the parent.

3. Preempt your child’s roadblocks – Kids have 101 reasons why they can’t go to bed yet. Be one step ahead of them. Thirsty? Ensure there is a glass of water next to them. Scared? Ensure the closet door is closed and a night light is on. Feeling lonely? Ensure Mr Teddy is tucked in next to him.

4. Let your kid feel important by allowing him/her to make his/her own decisions. These decisions include—picking the pyjamas, picking a blanket or pillow case, choosing a fave stuffed animal companion and so on.

5. Get creative and imaginative when tucking your child in. Here’s a suggestion: “Through the cave” could be your kid getting in through the side of the bed and then under the covers, “over the clouds” could be flying in and landing on the pillow, “jumping to the moon” could be jumping on the plush bed with your assistance and others you can think up. This makes the process more fun.

6. Get your kid in a horizontal position. Read or sing to him or her while lying down and not sitting on your lap. Being in a horizontal position allows your kid to realize how sleepy and tired they actually are.

7. You can teach your kid deep breathing techniques – one deep long breath through the nose and then out through the mouth. This helps your kid get into a relaxed mode and calm down if they are slightly hyper.

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8. A bedtime tale is in order for the occasion. Tell them a short story but don’t get your kid too excited during this sleepy time. This simply means that you should not engage them too much—be it mentally or physically, unless of course you want to spend more time calming them down. You can get your kid to participate in the story. Let your kid direct the story slightly…

Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a ______________ named ______________. This little ____________ is no ordinary _____________. He was very___________ because he wanted to _____________.

One day he  ___________ in the woods and found ___________.

You get the point, right?

9. A comfort snack can help make the process easier.  We all know that warm milk has something to do with sleepy time but there is actually little evidence that show that milk aids in falling asleep. However, you can feed a small snack to your kid several hours before bedtime. This snack can help lessen late-night hunger pangs for your kid.

10. Schedule smart nap times. Afternoon naps are quite the norm for kids but please make sure that the nap times that you have scheduled for your kid is far, far away from bedtime so that your kid will have a chance to get tired and and then sleep through the night peacefully. Remember the afternoon nap should be no more than two hours.

11. Play a lullaby song or sing him/her a song. Are you sleeping is a popular song amongst parents.

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Felicia Chin

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