Tavia Yeung Gives Birth To Baby Girl: "Gift from the heavens"

Tavia Yeung Gives Birth To Baby Girl: "Gift from the heavens"

"Although the delivery date was earlier than expected, I'm grateful that everything went smoothly."

Things may seem pretty gloomy now, but Tavia Yeung has literally delivered some positivity.

The Hong Kong actress announced the birth of her first child in an Instagram post yesterday (April 22). Tavia, 40, is seen in the photo cradling the baby girl swathed in blankets while hubby (and fellow Hong Kong actor) Him Law embraces her from behind. 

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十月懷胎,有辛苦,有開心,這份上天給予我們的禮物,對我們來説是無比幸福的🐣…… 急不及待想和大家分享……「這期待已久的禮物,我們已經緊緊的捧在手心中」。雖然較預期早了點,但感恩一切順順利利。我們這對新手爸媽,既戰戰兢兢,卻又無比興奮滿足❤️在這裡謝謝所有家人朋友的關懷協助。 特別要鳴謝 @hongkongadventisthospital 方面無微不至的安排和護士們悉心的照顧,特別是Emily,Mandy,Heidi ,Zita和Iris….還有其他的護士們,你們的專業和無限的愛陪伴我們渡過了最重要的時刻🙏🏻❤️ 謝謝Guest Relations團隊Chi Chi,Karena ,Jenny和你們的同事們,因為有你們,我們才能安心地迎接寶貝的來臨,感激🙏🏻❤️ 還有我們的主診醫生Dr. Louis Chan,謝謝你總給我們最專業最好的意見和幫忙,還有Jo 和麻醉科醫生Dr. Ho,你們減輕了我在生BB過程中的顧慮,感激大家的眷顧❤️ 即使未來充滿著未知之數,但我們一家堅信幸福總會眷顧每一個人,但願每一個逆境,香港都能平安過渡,願我們的小珍珠擁有堅毅的信心,健健康康,快樂成長,祝福大家❤️ P.S囡囡出世時輕了些,婆婆話她似粒珍珠,所以叫小珍珠⚪️ #ourbabygirl🎀 #littleprincess

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Tavia Yeung Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Tavia described her baby girl as a “gift from the heavens” and said that the happiness she has brought them is “incomparable”.

She added: “This gift that we’ve been waiting for is now held tightly in our hands. Although the delivery date was earlier than expected, I’m grateful that everything went smoothly.

“This pair of new parents may be nervous, but we’re also incredibly excited and blessed.”

Their baby was previously reported to be due in May.

The couple got married in Oct 2016 and pregnancy rumours have been swirling over the years since Tavia openly discussed her plans for a baby.

In Aug 2019, the rumours got a new lease of life when Hong Kong media claimed that the actress had a bun in the oven because she had not been seen in public for a while and only took photos that showed the upper half of her body.

She also allegedly cited health issues as the reason for turning down gatherings and work functions.

Him, 35, said the rumours left him “shocked” and clarified that there wasn’t any word from Tavia about this. He did acknowledge that the speculations came from a good place.

“If there’s good news, I will share it with everyone,” he added then.

It was only in Feb 2020 that Tavia announced her pregnancy, followed by the gender reveal in March.

Tavia Yeung Gives Birth To Baby Girl:

Photo: tavia_yeung / Instagram

Tavia Yeung Gives Birth To Baby Girl:

Tavia yeung gives birth to her first child with husband Him Law. | Photo: tavia_yeung / Instagram

This post was first published on AsiaOne and was republished on theAsianparent with permission. 

Tavia Yeung Gives Birth To Baby Girl:


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