Are couples who don’t argue happier?

Are couples who don’t argue happier?

Could holding your tongue in a relationship actually give you a ticket to a golden marriage?

couples who don't argue

Find out if couples who don’t argue are happier?

In a relationship, no two individuals have the same opinions and outlook on things and life. Because of these differences, arguments can happen at any time and over the simplest of things. But do you believe that there are couples who DON’T argue? Are these couples truly happy?

Couples who don’t argue

A study had been conducted by the researchers for married life in the Brigham Young University in Utah wherein they followed a thousand different couples and conducted continuous surveys for a span of two decades. Based on the study, the couples who didn’t argue are said to be happier and healthier.

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Because of the minimal stress in their lives, the couples were reported to have been more secure with themselves and their partners. These couples are more active, possess a positive outlook on life and are more inclined to pursue a clean and healthy lifestyle. As a result, these couples could live longer and are generally illness-free.

Although the study may have merits, it doesn’t really have concrete evidence. Now, people can’t help but ask if there really are couples who don’t argue. Do these individuals really exist?

Marital bliss

In reality, couples who don’t argue aren’t really any happier than the couples who argue. Based on individuals’ experiences, couples who don’t argue may have been traumatized by previous arguments so they tend to keep quiet. Because they are keeping their silence, these couples opt to harbor their frustrations instead of venting it out. The silence would never solve anything and could even lead to resentment and hatred.

couples who don't argue

Healthy marriage is a happy marriage

Couples who argue

On the other hand, constant arguments in a relationship are usually deemed as a marriage-killer too. It kills the loving mood and it also tends to kill the respect couples have for each other. At its worst, an argument kills the entire relationship. Couples who argue are described as always being stressed and conflicted. They often have trouble sleeping. Health-wise, these individuals always have high blood pressure, terrible headaches and other illnesses.

It would be a smart idea for couples who argue a lot to seek some kind of help. Talking to a marriage counselor can help address certain relationship issues that may be the root causeof these continuous arguments.


The basis of a successful relationship isn’t how much a couple argues. It is actually how they argue and how they resolve it. Normal and light arguments are actually healthy in a relationship. It shows that the individuals aren’t indifferent to one another’s feelings. The key to arguing successfully is to maintain the level of respect. This means avoiding emotional and physical abuse.

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Of course, constant arguments can be tiring and extremely annoying. But as long as the couple is willing to work it out, their relationship should be just as good as the couples who don’t argue.

What is your take on couples who don’t argue? Do you agree that they are happier? For advice on how to stop arguments, see this video:

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