Check out how these Singapore celebrity mums stay FIT 'N' FAB!

Check out how these Singapore celebrity mums stay FIT 'N' FAB!

Ever wonder how these Singapore celebrity mums stay fit 'n' fab? We bring you some of their fitness secrets here!

“Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live.”- Jim Rohn

When we talk about these Singapore celebrity mums, ever wonder how they manage to look good all the time? This, in spite of their crazy work and travel schedules?!

Well, beneath all that glamour lies a lot of hard work that goes into working out and keeping in shape.

Check out HOW these 6 Singapore celebrity mums stay fit ‘n’ fab!

1. Wong Li-Lin

Wong Li-Lin may be in her 40’s but is probably the fittest mummy in this list! When she’s not doling out parenting advice to her kids, you’ll see her post inspiring photos of her gym and work out sessions on Instagram. She even has her own exercise program called Loopz Fitness, to her credit.

Check out her fab lower body work out here, which does not need much space!

2. Joanne Peh

Check out how these Singapore celebrity mums stay FIT 'N' FAB!


Her second pregnancy and Baby Qi may be keeping her busy these days, but Joanne Peh has once confessed that she would feel uncomfortable if she didn’t exercise. Even during her pregnancy, the actress did Pilates to keep fit and maintain her figure.

Check her out in the above picture, doing squats, in the 3rd trimester of her first pregnancy!

3. Jaime Teo

Jaime Teo is one mummy who takes her fitness VERY seriously. A good chunk of this actress-entrepreneur’s Instagram feed is devoted to her exercise routines, be it ‘7 minute’ work outs, playing squash, doing yoga or simply skipping away to fitness!

Here’s a sample 7-minute work out for you:

4. Nurul Aini

Actress, TV presenter and mummy of 2? All in a day’s work for this gorgeous woman! Nurul Aini is one of the top Malay stars in Singapore, and is apparently a fitness freak as well.

Check out one of her gym routines here:

5. Jaymee Ong

You may have seen this actress, model and mummy of 2’s face plastered all over Singapore, advertising a popular fitness centre, but truly, Jaymee Ong is one inspiring momma when it comes to all things fitness.

She makes even the impossible look achievable. Take a look at this obliques workout!


| O B L I Q U E S | Finished off my workout today with this short sequence…

A post shared by Jaymee Ong (@jaymeeong) on

6. Jamie Yeo

She doesn’t really look like a mummy, does she? TV host, actress, radio deejay, model and mummy to an adorable little girl, Jamie Yeo is another fitness enthusiast, who believes in the power of gym work outs and a healthy diet, for great body and skin.

And here she is, showing how to work on the “problem zones of your inner thighs, butt and calves”!

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