6 fit Mums on Instagram to follow

6 fit Mums on Instagram to follow

Wished there was a way to get back on track with your fitness and health? These 6 fit mums on Instagram are here to inspire you and lift your spirits...

Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate the many wondrous moments of motherhood with the most important people in your life.

This year, PagePink is set to inspire you to make health and fitness a part of your busy life by profiling six fit mums that are making waves on Instagram.

Read on to check them out now!

Jen: Instagram @jlipose

”I work out so that I can have my cake and eat it.”

Jen is a fitness, health, fashion and yoga mommy enthusiast and has a huge Instagram following of over 8k followers.

We adore her 3 kids and especially the new born chubby Miss E as Jen affectionately calls her.

Posts we love:


#21weekspostpartum #crowpose over baby e. It's playtime! A photo posted by Jen (@jlipose) on

Gisele Lim: Instagram @gizbabefit

Gisele is a fit mum, team fit lion athlete, accidental bodybuilder and aspiring cross fitter.

Posts we love:

fit mums on instagram

“My trophy and medal was hijacked… The kids go…Yay, got new toys to play with…

fit mums on instagram

“Cheeks back, abs gone…. #haveagreatsaturday #fitlion#fitlionathlete #expertinhowtoloseyourabsin3days “

Herna Mohari: Instagram @Herrrna

Herna is a yoga instructor, mother, teacher and lover. We met Herna recently and true to herself, she radiates positive energy. It is beautiful that daughter Adri gets to spend so much time with her mom. Best of all, Adri practises yoga with her mom, Herna.

Posts we love:

Ju Leen: Instagram @omwithjuls

Ju Leen is a Yoga Mummy and has RYT 200hr Certification.

Posts we love:


Baby #DeclanXChoo joined in for Day 5 of #DetoxYoBody - #BaddhaKonasana #BoundAnglePose Love. Baby. Feet. #babyyogi

A photo posted by ॐ Ju Leen ॐ (@omwithjuls) on

Dawn Sim: Instagram @Dawnsim

Dawn is a fitness enthusiast, she enjoys yoga, pilates, anti-gravity aerial and running.

Posts we love:


Working my abs at the beach today with my favourite "prop". #therunningyogi

A photo posted by Dawnsim (@dawnsim) on


Training today was extra fun because I had the company of minions on term break. #therunningyogi

A photo posted by Dawnsim (@dawnsim) on

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