Sesame Street® by Stride Rite

Sesame Street® by Stride Rite

New characters join in the neighbourhood this season in Sesame Street® by stride rite. A line of shoes developed from inspiration by the lovable characters from the TV show. With tactile hair and arms that hug the foot, kids and mums are to love every detail!

Sesame Street® by Stride RiteEveryone loves Sesame Street!

Here are six fun facts about your favourite children's television programme:

  • Sesame Street® is the longest running children's show and still produces new episodes every year!
  • Approximately eight million people in the United States tune in to Sesame Street® each week.
  • More mothers with a child under three years old watch Sesame Street® than any other children's programme on commercial television.
  • Sesame Street has won more than 118 Emmy Awards to date. The most for any television show in history.
  • In 2006, Abby Cadabby® moved to the Sesame Street® neighbourhood as a pink fairy-in-training. She was designed to inspire young girls and demonstrate positive female relationships. She was the first new female lead character added to Sesame Street® in 13 years.
  • Oscar was as grouchy in 1969 as he is today. His first words on the show were, "Don't bang on my can! Go away!". In the first season he was also the colour orange.

Sesame Street® by Stride RiteStride Rite has a system geared at making it easier for mums to choose the ‘Rite’ shoes for their children’s growing feet. The comprehensive S.T.E.P™ (Scientifically Tested, Everyday Proven) system outlines the best shoe for each stage of development...It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Sesame Street® by Stride RiteSTEP 1: PRE-WALKER

Robeez® by Stride Rite® is a pioneer in pre-walker and offers a wide assortment of soft sole shoes that are designed to flex and bend to help promote healthy foot development. And with the elasticized easy, stay-on feature, those little feet will always be protected, no matter where adventure leads them.




Sesame Street® by Stride Rite

From crawling to cruising, SRT™ Soft Motion is designed for early walkers. It offers a unique design that is shaped like the actual foot. The rounded edges conform to the bare foot to build confidence and reduce stumbles and falls. SRT™ Soft Motion is Stride Rite's most flexible technology and is designed to protect and support little feet without restricting movement.




Sesame Street® by Stride RiteWhen children are off and running, Stride Rite’s Sensory Response Technology product is the best choice. SRT Preschool is engineered for active toddlers as their feet continue to go through a critical development stage. The Stride Rite SRT collection is designed to optimize the biomechanics of the foot to allow children to develop healthy and natural walking patterns. Plus, only SRT Baby and Preschool feature the Check Fit System™!


Frequently asked questions on the right choice of kids' footwear

My baby is starting to crawl. What kind of footwear does he need?

Babies should be barefoot as much as possible so they can move freely. If you must put your baby in footwear, get well-fitted socks or soft-sole leather pre-walkers. A baby’s foot sweats more than an adult’s, so shoe material should be breathable.

My child is starting to stand and take her first steps. What kind of shoes would suit her best?

Put her in a super-flexible, breathable, and well-fitting shoe. Up to age 5, the foot is still forming and can slip and misalign itself, possibly causing problems later in life. Get her feet measured by a children’s fit specialist. Then look for a shoe with a flexible rubber outsole and a breathable upper.

My child is starting to jump and move around more quickly. What kind of footwear does he need?

It’s time for a more stable shoe. The heel should have more cushioning while the ball should have more flexibility. The bones in your child’s feet do not fully develop until his late teens, so it is important to get him measured and fitted every two-to-three months.

Overall, what is important when shopping for footwear for my child?

Visit a store with professionals trained in fitting shoes for young children. Shoes should be lightweight and flexible to allow for natural foot movement. The lining should be breathable, and good traction is essential.

Is it ok to hand down shoes from one child to another?

It is not recommended. Each child has a unique gait. Handing down shoes from one child to another could potentially manipulate a child’s own natural walking pattern.

About Stride Rite

For over 90 years, growing families have put their trust in Stride Rite.

Stride Rite’s rich, deep heritage is found in every shoe. Stride Rite is the first baby shoes in the industry to carry the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) grant of its Seal of Acceptance to several styles of Stride Rite’s baby shoes.

Stride Rite shoes are not like any other children’s shoes you will ever buy. Stride Rite inspires kids to run faster and jump higher, and supports babies in taking the first step. That is why Stride Rite is a leader in designing premium fashionable children’s footwear and the champion in research, using the latest technology, quality materials, and a team of expert engineers to develop shoes that lead to a lifetime of healthy walking.

Stride Rite’s Certified Fit Specialist are specially trained to help fit children’s various sizes and widths and to provide children with the perfect fit that looks and feel great.
It’s a choice you’ll make with confidence. Stride Rite through every step.

Stride Rite is at the following locations:

• Level 3, Forum The Shopping Mall
• #B1- 62 United Square
• Babies“R”Us, Basement 2, City Square Mall

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