The wonders of a half-hour walk with your kid

The wonders of a half-hour walk with your kid

Want a break from the four walls of home? Children getting too loud for comfort? Put on those walking shoes and head out. Half an hour outside can do wonders. Try it (for more than a week) and see.

Walk with kids

Going for a walk with kids

Nowadays, it’s quite common to hear about how walking is good for you. You may stop and think “Where to walk, exactly” and it’s probably a valid question. Singapore may be a small country but it does have a number of walking trails available for those interested.

You could choose a walking expedition around Ang Mo Kio one day and Bukit Timah.

However, a walk around the neighbourhood could also do wonders. Your kid may find something new every time you go out together. The benefits of strapping your young one in a stroller and navigating sidewalks or paths outdoors are quite beneficial- both to you and your child.

It’s also easy to slot this exercise routine into your daily life as there’s no fuss involved. You just slip into walking shoes and go outdoors.

Not convinced? Well, here’s what you could come away with every week if you go walking daily with your child.

A relaxed relationship with your kids

For that precious half hour, the mere thought of your iPad, mobile and any other gizmo is to be banished.  This rule even applies to your children’s gadgets. Whether your walk takes place within nature or the concrete jungle, use this time to connect with your child.

Also, forget about dinner waiting to be cooked and just enjoy the moment. Talk to them about what happened at school or any issue they want to talk about. Let them lead the conversation and you just follow them for the “ride”.

Using walks as way to get to know your child is the best method, possibly, as you are disconnected from everything else. That way, they know that for that half hour, they command every ounce of your attention.

A healthy body

By walking for half an hour a day, you are empowering your heart to be healthy. That means everything else also will be running smoothly. Besides reducing the risk of a heart attack, walking can also improve blood pressure and sugar levels.

It’s also a good way to maintain that trim figure of yours or get to your ideal weight. Surprisingly, by walking consistently, you reduce the risk of osteoporosis, breast and colon cancer and type 2 diabetes. It’s also a good way to maintain your mental health.

A better relationship with your neighbours

If walking around your neighbourhood seems the ideal choice for you, grab it. It’s a way to explore the area and if you’re lucky, get to know others in the neighbourhood. After all, it can never hurt to have a positive relationship with neighbours.

If you have a hyper-active kid or one that’s curious and wants to know about everything, let them lead the activity. Not only does it give them confidence but you get to enjoy seeing how they react about being in charge.

Each day outdoors will bring about something you may have missed out on in the past- about the walk and your child.


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Sandra Ong

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