Why can't my child walk on her own?

Why can't my child walk on her own?

At what age should kids start walking on their own? What can we do to help the process? View the responses from our parents.

Why can't my child walk already?

Why can’t my child walk already?

Mum Needs Help: My daughter’s turning 16mths in abt 2wks time and is still afraid to walk on her own w/o our help. She can walk a few steps on her own when put on mattress, but when she’s not on mattress, she wants our helping hand. When we let go of our hand, she immediately sits herself down and crawl. Should I be worried?


Yvonne Ho: No worries mummy kids will walk by themselves when d timing is rite..encourage her more..

Ivy Chin: do not worry shè will get over it soon – my daughter started quite late too – do not pressure her

Aida Gaban: Join a playgroup,eg tumble tots.my son was 11mths when we enrolled in TT.He was reluctant 2 walk on his own b4 that,but changed immediately when he joined d class.probably coz everyone else was already walking&running 😉

Cailean Slevin:
the advise i get from my daughter’s physiotherapist : some of the ways are to let her hold on to something to build her confidence and put her on swings frequently to help lessen her fear of height (gayat). my 3yo daughter has CP and still can’t walk but i see it does help although she’s still screams while on the swing.

Perifarina Lynn:
I Agree yvonne ho & Ivy chin.. My daughter was was ur daughter age too.. I was worried.. But soon my worried was gone.. she is now happily walking away around d house without my help.. (“,)

Romauli Sihite:
do not worry, as long as the pediatrician said there was no physical problem, just keep practicing, soon she will be able to walk..keep trying girl..

Any Sandra:
Dont worried mom…in a right time she will walk by self…u just support ur little girl…

Dina Paramita:
Don’t worry mum…she will get the best steps at the right time..be passion to help her.

Joyce Cheah:
Don worry mummy, my daughter walked by herself when she turn 18 months. And now she is 30months old, can run & jump already.:)

Refine Lubis:
yeah! do not worry too much, some kids are faster than the other, eventually they will pick up the walking skill. some also said, if they are slow on walking, they might be fast in talking. huggggss***

Ong Francis:
my gal learn to walk at 16mths. She got this foot problem. Now already heal. She never use any like those sit in walker too. now she is 19 mths, she can run!!! My 2 elder child start to walk at 12mths and 14mths. Is ok to start walking late…. sometime, they are not confident or feel secure walking hands free. try buliding ur child confident, …

Donnie Tian Shek Lee:
Try bring her to the park or somewhere with thick carpet. It helps.

Azalia Huzaifah:
thanks all! *hugs* yesterday she walked 6 steps on e mattress hands-free. i’ll work on it, supporting her and help build her confidence! 🙂 oh yes she talks and sings a lot!

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