How to Choose Appropriate Educational Toys for Kids Based on Age

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Our children learn a lot about the world around them by playing with toys. Different types of toys fulfill a different educational purpose and a different developmental need for our children. Understanding the different varieties of toys and the needs of our children can help us select the most appropriate educational toys for them—those that allow them to learn and grow. Here’s what all parents should know on child development toys by age that is also educational.

Early Ages

Your child will likely learn how to be responsible for their belongings earlier than you’d expect. This is good, because you want your child to be responsible and safe. Find a place to store their toys that won’t allow them to be left all over the floor. If you have more than one child, separate their toys, so each one is playing with a toy that is appropriate for their age. Set examples of what safe play time is and show them how to put toys away safely. Teach your child some safety habits about toys and check their toys for damages or breaks. Tell your child to let you know if a toy is broken.

Educational Child Development Toys by Age

child development toys by age

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3 – 4 Years

During the ages of 3 and 4, children love to use their imagination and act like adults do. They love to participate in games that are physical, even though they have more of a sense of the hazards that exist. Some of the appropriate toys for children in this age group are puppets, musical instruments, farm sets and tea sets, balls, climbing items, puzzles, toy telephones, stuffed animals, board games and boxes.

How to Choose Appropriate Educational Toys for Kids Based on Age

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4 – 6 Years

Children from the ages of 4 to 6 can easily learn how to cooperate and be social, especially in in group games. They develop skills with preschoolers and their physical coordination begins to develop more as well. Writing and printing foundations are seen at this time. Some of the appropriate toys for children in this age group are bicycles with training wheels, construction toys, sleds, action figures, painting and art materials, dress up clothes and books and records.

6 – 9 Years

Children between the ages of 6 and 9 are learning how to make friends and get along with people of different ages. They are learning the adult world of working, – careers, games and sports. Their social interests are developing and they make lots of friends. Some they like, and some they dislike. Appropriate toys for children in this age group are ice skates, board games, jump ropes, marbles, complex puzzles, crafting kits, and puppets.

child development toys by age

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9 – 12 years

Children are now entering the pre-teen years and become more active in playing on teams and working on detailed projects with science and arts. They know what their interests are and like to select their own hobbies. They know how to use computers and video games. Some of the age appropriate toys for this age are skateboards, electric trains, science kits, musical instruments, larger bicycles, and workbenches with real operating tools.

Remember that all children are different and each has their own unique interests. Be sure to buy toys that will help them learn and grow.

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How to Choose Appropriate Educational Toys for Kids Based on Age

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