Fiancée of Lion Air crash victim holds wedding as planned

Fiancée of Lion Air crash victim holds wedding as planned

It was his final wish and may have been a joke, but it's sad to think her would-be husband couldn't attend the wedding.

The recent Lion Air crash from two weeks ago has no doubt left many families devastated. However, sometimes the loss of a loved one can give rise to some hope for the future. One Indonesian woman whose fiance was aboard the fateful flight, honoured his final wish by holding their posthumous marriage on her own.

Fiancée of Lion Air crash victim holds posthumous marriage

Intan Syari, a 26-year-old hospital finance staff, was engaged to the Rio Nanda Pratama, a doctor. Both worked at Bakti Timah hospital in Pangkal Pinang. They had employed an event organiser, called “Adiela”, to plan out their wedding on 11th November. 

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Rio, aged 26, was one of the 189 victims on the ill-fated Lion Air Flight JT610, which plunged into the ocean just 13-minutes into its flight on October 29.

The plane, headed for Pangkal Pinang, was Rio’s trip home from Jakarta, where was had attended a conference.

Posthumous marriage originally a joke, but now Intan says “I have to stay strong”

According to Ms Intan’s Instagram account (@intansyariii), before departing for Jakarta for the conference, her husband-to-be had joked that:

“If I don’t return by Nov 11, go ahead wear your wedding dress that I chose for you, wear a beautiful make-up, ask for a fresh white rose from Ms Sheila (wedding organiser), and take good photos. Then send the photos to me.”

It’s heartbreaking that he wasn’t able to attend the wedding in the end.

posthumous marriage

Photos of Ms Intan’s posthumous marriage on November 11 went viral on Instagram. Particularly, the one where she dons white wedding dress, a white hijab and holding white roses (right). Another one shows the strong woman presenting her wedding ring (left). 

“There is sadness that I cannot describe, but I have to smile for you. I shall not mourn. I have to stay strong like you always told me,” said Ms Intan.

One more of Ms Intan’s Instagram posts showed a photo of her and one of Rio’s sisters. The post says that “although you are not beside me, your sister was with me to fulfill your most beautiful last wish. I know you are happy up there…”

Looking back, Ms Intan said that her would-be husband was “a nice person” who sought to “always help patients.” “He always reminded me… that in the world, nothing is eternal,” says Ms Intan.

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