Latest parenting trend: Neon baby gear

Latest parenting trend: Neon baby gear

Pinks! Greens! Yellows! These fluorescent hues are making an appearance in all things for babies. Read more on how you can rock this latest parenting trend without looking like you're stuck in the eighties.

Neon baby gear

Say what? Yes, you heard right — neon is back but in baby gear! Check out how to incorporate it in your baby’s lifestyle

Neon brings to mind the flash and pop of the eighties but this signature look is making a statement in all things for babies this 2013.

What the neon?!

Neon has transitioned from the runways to the nurseries, strollers and everything baby related making it one of the hottest trend to hit the parenting circuit this year. Bright pinks, luminous yellows and greens have been spotted on ubiquitous objects as small as pacifiers to more statement pieces such as wallpaper of baby nurseries.

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Rocking the trend

Interested to try out the neon baby gear trend but don’t wish to have your nursery or baby being blinded by all that luminous colour? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered on how to rock the neon baby gear trend.

  • Mix it with neutrals – to make the neon add some pop into an otherwise ‘normal’ nursery, consider mixing neon accents, such as a personalised wall decal bearing the name of your baby in neon pink against a cream coloured wall.
  • Racing wheels – many strollers in the market have also joined into the neon baby gear bandwagon with traditional baby carriages getting modern updates with neon accents. The coolest of the lot is the Bugaboo cameleon neon that features fluorescent red or yellow accents on the wheels, zippers, buckle and logo. The neon is set against a darker background which makes the stroller both fun and sophisticated simultaneously. Definitely a must-add for any trendy mum and baby combo!
Neon baby gear

Check out all the different ways to bring in a neon pop to baby gear!

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  • Neon nursery – Jazz up the nursery with some bright neon colours. For example getting bedding for the crib in a bright luminous blue for your baby boy or a shocking pink for your princess. These loud colours are great as babies are believed to respond to bright colours.
  • Sock it! – Another great way to participate in the neon baby gear trend is to deck your little one in neon socks or booties. These are usually small enough to not overwhelm the rest of the outfit but significant enough to be trendy. We suggest that you should consider knitting a pair for that added personalised touch!

Have you bought any neon baby gear for your little sweethearts yet? Or are you so over this trend? Share with us your thoughts and how you plan to add some fluorescence into your baby’s life.

Also you can check out the advertisement for the new neon Bugaboo collection here.

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