Zipping around the city with the Bugaboo Bee3

Zipping around the city with the Bugaboo Bee3

Getting a stroller is like picking out your child’s first car. We took the Bugaboo Bee3 out for a “test drive”, fully kitted out with the latest handy accessories, and give you our review.

Strollers are the ‘cars’ that will take you and your little one places. That is why carefully choosing your child’s mini mobile is crucial.

Our family puts the Bugaboo Bee3 to the test and let our toddler enjoy a few rides, while daddy is free from babywearing her.

How do you choose the right stroller?

My active daughter has never been a fan of the strollers we got her. When we were test driving Bugaboo Bee3 and checking out its fancy accessories, we were worried how she’d take to it. But we’re glad to say that our worries were unfounded!

Here are some pointers we like to share with fellow parents who are on the lookout for a stroller:

#1: Pick a stroller that will take your child from infancy to toddlerhood

Unless you’re planning to own a few strollers, choosing one that can take you through your child’s growing years is certainly helpful to the pocket.

Bugaboo Bee3 is suitable for newborns – simply flatten the back rest or buy a separate bassinet for extra comfort.

Newborns can lay in a cosy bassinet from Bugaboo, and there are five beautiful colours to choose from – talk about customising the stroller to suit your style!

It’s also adaptable with baby car seat bassinets from Maxi-Cosi and Britax, both of which are highly popular among parents in Singapore. A separate adapter might be required, so do check with local retailers.

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

Stride out in style with your newborn enjoying the ride in the fashionable Bugaboo Bee!

When your baby turns six months old, or when she is able to sit upright, put her on the Bugaboo Bee3 for a front-facing ride or parent-facing view, which can be easily done with the reversible seat option.

To switch views, lift the entire seat and turn it around. Always remember to do so without your child in it!

Unlike others, the beauty of the Bugaboo Bee3 is that it comes with extendable seat and height-adjustable backrest to accommodate your growing child. Even if your toddler wants to sleep in it, simply adjust accordingly to suit her needs. The solid back support will ensure comfort for the little one at all times.

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

The Bugaboo Bee is equipped with an extendable seat and a height-adjustable backrest to accommodate your growing child.

#2: Safety first

The safety of your baby is always a top concern, and Bugaboo understands this.

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

Sitting safely in the Bugaboo Bee3, and ready to soak in the sights!

Incorporating a five-point harness for the seated child, the four straps that make up the harness cross the child’s body to hold her in place—they’re easily clipped on but not easy for little fingers to remove.

When the stroller is stationary, simply step on the single foot break pedal to keep it from sliding forward or backward (e.g., on travellators). There’s no need to fumble with two separate pedals to lock the back wheels too.

The Bugaboo Bee3 accommodates the varying heights of adults pushing it. Find out what other functional accessories Bugaboo offers to keep your child’s ride a breezy one!

#3: Ensure the stroller is of a suitable size for the adult pushing it

This probably sounds weird: since the child is the actual user, shouldn’t she be a determining factor?

While that is true, more importantly, the person behind the wheels (most likely, the parents) will have to be comfortable with the weight, height, and size of the stroller for ease of use, manoeuvrability, storage, and handling.

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

Mummy and I are happy to go exploring today! Pushing the Bugaboo Bee3 around is easy for mummy; the handle bars can be adjusted to accommodate daddy who is taller!

Bugaboo Bee3’s adjustable handle bars come in handy to suit the needs of different-height parents and guardians – simply pull or push to your desired height for easy manouvering.

I believe most parents look for sturdiness and comfort in a stroller for their baby, but in most cases, that translates to a big and bulky stroller.

I’m petite and not very strong, so I prefer a lightweight stroller for ease of use. The Bugaboo Bee3 has the balance of both, it comes with sturdy aluminium frame and four-wheel suspension wheels and the compact size and weight (8.7kg) makes it easy to fit into the car boot.

#4: Full sun protection and a breezy ride

Singapore is all-round summer, so if you’re planning to take your child to the great outdoors, keep her protected from harmful UV rays by whipping out the breezy sun canopy.

Switching the canopies require some precision – remove the respective vanes that give the canopy shape, and carefully slot them into the breezy sun canopy. Once that’s done, hook on the canopy accordingly and you’re ready to head out!

It boasts a sun protection of UPF 50+ (excluding integrated mesh panels) while letting cool breeze through, and the fabric is water- & oil- repellent. To check on your child, simply take a peek through the zip-up window, which also helps ensure ventilation for the covered child.

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

The little one stays chirpy and cool without breaking a sweat while seated on the Bugaboo breezy seat liner despite the stuffy and humid day. The breezy sun canopy provides a shelter for her head without having to don a hat. Extend fully for an enclosed shelter from the sun.

If you’re worried about baby sweat pooling at the seat of your child’s stroller, causing ick and grumpiness, slip on the Bugaboo seat liner to make it a dry, cosy ride. Made from specially picked bamboo charcoal twill fabric, the seat liner keeps your child cool during chair time by wicking moisture away from her skin.

Should there be diaper explosions or spills from drinks, the seat liner can be conveniently machine washed. With 13 colours to choose from, parents can have fun customising their Bugaboo Bee3! The one we’ve tested is the latest breezy seatliner, which is made of quick dry material just like your Nike sportswear. They have just recently launched here in Singapore this September, so do check them out at the stores.

#5: Happy to go 1+1

If your inquisitive child prefers an open seat, clip on the comfort wheeled board to let her enjoy a new view.

If she prefers to stand, simply remove the seat attachment and the little one can peer out easily.

Without the need to push around two strollers, the Bugaboo Bee3 allows her to sit and enjoy the ride while stealing a glimpse of the little one lying snugly in there.

Now that we are welcoming another child, we can foresee this big sister wanting to watch over her sibling while we’re out and about.

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

The little one gets a special view while seated on the comfort wheeled board as mummy shops. Manoeuvring the Bugaboo Bee3 in tight lanes of retail stores is easy too!

When the comfort wheeled board is attached to the stroller, do be mindful of the following:

  • Do not attempt to use the escalator, and opt for a lift instead
  • Always ensure your child is holding on to the stroller frame for support when seated or standing on the board
  • Before folding up the stroller to put in the car boot, remove the wheeled board for easy keeping

Oh wait, let’s not get started on lugging another diaper bag when baby number two comes along…

The Bugaboo Bee3 gets nifty with toddler-friendly accessories. What other functional accessories are there to make zipping around town more parent-friendly too?

#6: Functional accessories to go along

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

For a quick trip around the neighbourhood or a short trip to the nearest mall, cast that bulky diaper bag at home and bring out your bub’s essentials with this handy Bugaboo Organizer. Less is more!

The Bugaboo organizer allows parents to keep must-haves within reach – think wet wipes, tissue paper, mobile, spare cash, diapers. Forget the hassle of chugging a bulky diaper bag, especially if you just want to run a quick errand!

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

The easy clip-on arm allows you to put on the detachable Cup Holder and Tray to store your child’s drinks and snacks while you’re out and about.

Most parents worry about their child’s fluid intake throughout the day, and this can be easily sorted with a detachable cup holder and tray to hold your child’s drinks and snacks.

Clip on when you need them, so it’s self-service for your child to reach out for her snacks as she watches the world go by with curious eyes—like dinner and a show! A quick tip: do remove the accessories before folding up the stroller.

Travelling with your little one?

bugaboo bee stroller, review of bugaboo bee

The waterproof compact travel bag keeps the Bugaboo Bee3 neat and protected from rough handling – ideal for travelling or for stowing away when not in use!

Scratches, tears, spills or worse, an injured frame due to manhandling, are some of the biggest worries for strollers. Travelers can also take heart that their precious Bugaboo Bee3 can enjoy additional protection with the waterproof compact travel bag. Simply fold up the stroller, place it in the handy bag and pass to the cabin crew for fuss-free storage.

Mums and dads, if you’re looking for a customisable, versatile, and multifunctional urban stroller, the Bugaboo Bee3 should definitely be on your shopping list! We hear this bright yellow one is a top favourite too!

Are you looking for a stroller for your child? Do tell us what some of your favourite options are.


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Cindy Gan

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