Choosing a stroller for your newborn

Choosing a stroller for your newborn

Are you planning to buy a stroller for your newborn baby? Before you make a decision on your purchase, make sure you do some research first as it will save you lots of frustration later on.

Stroller for newborn

Choose the right stroller for your baby

Whether it’s your first time buying a stroller or you have purchased one before, ask yourself these questions before embarking on a search for that perfect stroller for you and your newborn.

  • What activities will you need a stroller for?
  • What features are you looking for?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have space for storing it?
  • How will you transport it?
  • Would you need an infant car seat with your stroller?

The word “perfect” is relative so what may be perfect for one family may not be perfect for your family. Just keep in mind that when you start looking for a stroller, consider all your answers to the questions above.

Types of Strollers

Umbrella Stroller
This type is small, light and folds up easily making it very easy to store. It has curved handles just like that of an umbrella. Its features are just very basic and it’s very economical.

Universal Car Seat Carrier
This is actually just a metal frame where you can attach any infant car seat model. It has a handle and wheels.

Lightweight Stroller
This type usually weighs less than 20 lbs. and have features similar to that of an umbrella stroller. But expensive brands can have reclining seats, baskets and sun shades.

Stroller Travel System
This type offers utmost convenience for parents of newborns. It is a stroller with a fully detachable infant car seat.

Active Stroller
This type is ideal for parents who like to bring their babies with them when they do physical activities such as jogging.

Bike Stroller
This is designed for sporty parents who wish to lug their babies around while hiking or skiing. Obviously, this is only designed for older babies.

Carriage Stroller
This is just a traditional bassinet affixed to a frame with four stroller wheels.

The Right Stroller for Your Newborn
Of the seven types mentioned above, only three are ideal for parents with newborns. These are the stroller travel system, universal car seat carrier and the carriage stroller. To help you decide on which one is perfect for you, let me discuss further their features.

What kind of stroller does your baby need?

Assess different strollers according to your needs

Stroller Travel System

Stroller Travel System

This type offers parents much convenience as it allows them to let their babies stay undisturbed while being brought out of the vehicle to the stroller.


  • Very convenient for bringing baby out of the vehicle to the stroller
  • Offers big savings as it can be used up until your baby becomes a toddler
  • Has many useful features such as sun shades, trays, storage baskets, and car seat base
  • Excellent for use in malls, parks or other paved walkways
  • Design of stroller wheels allow easy steering
  • Usually comes in trendy designs
  • Has good quality if bought from a reputable brand


  • Very big and heavy
  • More expensive than other models
  • Can’t be used on rough terrain
  • Requires a big storage space
  • Car seat can sometimes come off the stroller posing a big risk for accidents
  • Car seat cover is difficult to replace because you would have to find one that has a fabric that coordinates with that of the stroller

Universal Car Seat Carrier

If you think that the stroller travel system is too big and heavy for transporting, then you might want to consider a universal car seat carrier. It offers the same convenience that a stroller travel system minus the bulkiness.


  • Less expensive than the stroller travel system
  • Light and smaller than the travel system
  • Offers the same convenience that the travel system offers
  • Ideal for use in paved pathways
  • Allows easy steering
  • Requires less storage
  • Compatible with most infant car seat models


  • Has very limited features
  • Can only be used temporarily as baby will outgrow infant car seat quickly
  • Not to be used in rough terrain
  • If not attached properly, car seat can fall off the stroller posing a great risk for accidents.

Carriage Stroller

This type is ideal for those who like the classic look of a traditional bassinet.


  • Looks elegant and charming
  • Provides comfort and stability that newborns need
  • The bounce in them can make cranky babies feel better
  • Perfect to use when strolling at the park or other public areas
  • Large-sized shades provide adequate protection from the heat and the wind


  • Very large and heavy
  • Not recommended for use in places that are very crowded as it occupies a lot of space
  • Needs a lot of storage space
  • Cannot be folded making it hard to transport
  • Very expensive

Making the Decision
Make sure that you don’t rush in making a decision regarding your purchase. After all, your baby’s comfort and safety is your utmost priority.


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