Fix your Diaper Bag Woes!

Fix your Diaper Bag Woes!

Do you face difficulties when it comes to packing your diaper bag? Not sure what diaper bag will meet all your needs? We're here to help!

Going out and taking your baby (or babies!) with you?


Get a diaper bag that caters to you and your style best!

An outing with your family is usually a joyous occasion to look forward to, however, it can sometimes be stressful when you leave your house and realize you have forgotten to take an essential item with you (EVEN after spending a whopping half an hour packing your diaper bag!)

About time we exposed the difficulties you face when it comes to diaper bags…

“My packing speed really depends on whether my two baby girls can be engaged long enough,” Mary M. Shysta, 28 and home-maker, shares. ” I take 10 minutes when they are occupied with play but an hour when both are unable to entertain themselves and constantly pining for my attention!”

Even when your babies are cooperative, mommies and daddies still find it tough to squeeze in gazillion things into a diaper bag!

Diapers, wet wipes, milk bottles, milk formula, changing mat, bibs, snacks, hand sanitizer, pacifier, baby powder, extra clothing, spoons, forks… and the list goes on.

Not only do things that are important for your baby have to be packed into your diaper bag, your essential items like a hand phone, wallet, keys and lip gloss (for some) are definitely not to be excluded!


One quick packer, Wye Ee Wong- a brand manager shows us that making sure you don’t spend too much time on your diaper bag while remembering to bring everything is not an impossible task!

The speedy mum packs her Allerhand diaper bag in five minutes flat! What’s even more amazing is the fact that she’s never left anything behind. Her trick is to ensure that all the disposable items are replenished after each outing if they are running low in stock. “Doing so ensures that when packing my bag, all I have to do is check on the extra clothes, water bottle, food and cutlery,” she says.

Will there EVER be a dream bag that meets all your needs?

Not only do moms have to overcome the challenge of remembering to pack everything into their diaper bags in the shortest time possible, they also have to find a bag that is both large and roomy enough to fit in all the essential things!

As if that isn’t enough, you hear your other half demand that you buy a bag that is masculine enough for him as he wouldn’t want to be caught dead carrying a floral, colourful and dainty diaper bag.

What about that spacious, beautiful AND not forgetting, expensive limited edition diaper bag that you notice on one of your shopping trips? You wonder if you will ever be able to use it on a different occasion say on a day out with your girlfriends or a romantic night at a classy restaurant with your hubby.

Let us help you with your shopping decision…

We have searched and scoured various malls to present to you the following bags that suit just exactly what you are looking for. You no longer have to look frumpy and dull when going out with the kids. Diaper bags have undeniably transformed into fashion statements!

We have categorized the shortlisted diaper bags into Feminine, Masculine and Multi-functional (bags that can be used on various occasions for various purposes).We also have three additional categories: Steal (bags that cost below $50), Affordable (bags that cost below $250) and Splurge (bags that cost more than $400). All the diaper bags featured are around the same size unless otherwise stated.

For the mums who crave an uber feminine and trendy bag that is pretty and pleasing to the eyes, we recommend:



JJ Cole Theory in Red Flower $139.90, Three other colours available: Red, Green and Grey, Available at Mothercare

This floral bag is ideal for all fashion conscious mommies out there. Not only does it add charm to your outfit, it is also very practical. Expect a lot of pockets and even a matching wallet thrown in.


diaper bag

Agnes B Polka Dot Nylon Bag, Available in two sizes (S) $425, (L) $495 at all Agnes B outlets islandwide


For the quirky mom out there, this bag is definitely one that will impress. It will serve well for moms looking for some fun and joy with the family and will certainly spruce up almost all your basic wear.

Are you a daddy looking for a bag that will not embarrass you? Or a mommy who is shopping for your hubby? Then check out the following bags:




JJ Cole System 180 in Graphite Green $129.90, Six other colours available, Available at Mothercare


 Suitable for all daddies on-the-go. The well-equipped bag comes with a stroller attachment, insulated bottles and MP3 player pockets and a shoulder strap. Truly value for money!



Mulberry Brynmore Smooth Touch $1690, Available at Mulberry Outlets at Ngee Ann City Takashimaya and Hilton Hotel

This must be every daddy’s dream. Classy and elegant. This bag not only exudes luxury, it is also spacious enough for a day out with the baby.

The inside is made of soft brushed leather. It also features an adjustable canvas strap that can be worn across the body. The exquisite triple Postman’s Lock has won us over!

Are you looking for a multi-tasker? The following bags will take you from one location to the next every single day!



Lassig Shopper Bag $39.90, Various Colours Available, Available at Mothercare.

The Lassig Shopper Bag is both chic and environmentally friendly (it is free of PVC, AZO, Phtalates, Nickel, and Cadium!!) Not only is this bag incredibly versatile (bring it out for tea with your girlfriends!), it is also wallet-friendly.



Lassig Global Bag in Purple $209.00, Two other colours available: Brown and Black, Available at Mothercare

This diaper bag has all the essentials a mommy would need: a changing mat, a stroller attachment, a removable bottle holder and an attachable shoulder strap. The easy-on-the eyes colours that it comes in make it possible to carry it on lots of different occasions and match various outfits.



Agnes B Voyage Bag Nylon in Grey, Available in two sizes (S) $425, (L) $485, One other colour available: Black, Purchase at all Agnes B outlets islandwide

We love this multi-functional bag that can be taken almost everywhere! Think gym, beach, play date… the list is endless. Your hubby will also be clamouring to lay his hands on this chic bag that allows you to fit almost everything in!

We hope our  bag feature has helped you fix all (or at least some) of your diaper bag woes! Every cloud has a silver lining so we are sure that the frustration you may face now will soon dissipate after much practise and acquirement of a suitable bag =)

Editor’s Note: We were eyeing the Kate Spade FivePointsTangerine bag, however the Assistant Marketing Manager of Kate Spade very kindly informed us that they “think the mother-oriented portal didn’t fit with our current customer portfolio.


Hope you liked our exclusive diaper bag assessment.

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