10 diaper bag essentials

10 diaper bag essentials

Most baby toting parents count their diaper bag as a must whenever they leave the house. We find out what diaper bag essentials you need to cover for any possible emergency.


Here are 10 must-have items in a baby’s diaper bag

A diaper bag is something that most mums rely on when they leave the house with baby. But what exactly is essential and what is just dead weight. We at theAsianparent.com break down the essentials you need in your diaper bag for any possible emergencies.


  10 diaper bag essentials
Obviously, with a name like ‘diaper bag’, we definitely need those diapers. The question then is how many should we bring? A good gauge would be to have three or four diapers handy at all times in your bag. And as rule of thumb, always bring one more diaper than you think you need, just in case.

There are two basic types that you should carry with you at all times. The diaper wipes (for poo duty) as well as antibacterial wipes for everything else.

Extra clothes
It’s always best to have two sets of clothes on standby in your bag especially if you foresee yourself being out for the whole day. The two sets should cover any potty emergency and vomiting situation.

Changing mat

10 diaper bag essentials
Luckily, the changing mat is usually included in most diaper bags already and this wipe off cover is a godsend for mothers who need to change baby’s nappies on the go.

Burp cloth
This multipurpose cloth serves triple duty as a cover for mums who are still breastfeeding, a burp cloth as well as an emergency blanket for your little ones.

Pain reliever

10 diaper bag essentials
Bring along a pack of baby panadol as well as teething gel just in case your baby develops a fever or becomes cranky due to teething discomforts.

Ziplock bags
The ever handy and multipurpose ziplock can store everything from soiled diapers and clothes to your little one’s lunch so don’t be caught without a handful of these in your bag.

Hand sanitizer
This is important for you to keep your hands clean after those nappy changes or feeding time when a toilet might not be at your disposal.

Food and drinks
These include snacks for your baby to much on as well as your baby’s lunch in a warmer and his/her trusted sippy cup full of their favourite drink.


10 diaper bag essentials
Always have your little ones favourite toys on hand so that he or she won’t get bored or cranky or reach out for unsavoury things in his/her surroundings. This is especially important during long journeys in the car or on public transport.

What else do you have in your diaper bag? Share with us below…


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