Natural comfort for my bub

Natural comfort for my bub

I have tried many different brands of diapers on my baby since he was a newborn. Having read and heard reviews on umpteen brands, I decided that the only way I would know for sure what’s best for my baby was to actually try what I felt were the best ones on him.

New Huggies Ultra

Parents have recommended Huggies Ultra as the most pleasant and comfortable diapers

I’ve even specially ordered premium diapers from overseas – just because I want the best for my son.

I was especially concerned about diaper rash since my husband and I decided we would not be using cloth diapers due to our busy schedules; we have been dependent solely on disposable diapers. I’ve heard so many horror stories about diaper rash from friends who are mothers that it has inevitably become an underlying worry. So I was more than happy when I was given an opportunity to sample the new Huggies Ultra, which is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash.

Within just a few changes, I was convinced of the exceptional quality of the diaper.

Thin yet ultra absorbent

For a start, the Huggies Ultra is a very light, thin diaper and folds away into small spaces easily. This is a great boon especially on long haul trips; I find that the creases even out neatly when I unpack each diaper. And despite the weight (or lack thereof), its absorbing capacity isn’t any lower. It’s also so much easier to get his trousers on over the diaper as it isn’t as bulky as the other brands I’ve tried.

The inner lining of the new Huggies Ultra is much smoother than the other brands my baby has used. It has a really silky feel when touched, and reassures me that my son’s bottom will remain as comfortable as possible throughout the day. Sure enough, he has few complaints. Infused as it is with dermatologically-pleasing extracts (chamomile, aloe vera and vitamin E), the frequency of him reaching into the diaper to scratch has reduced with Huggies Ultra, as compared with other diapers he has used.

As my boy now seldom require changes at night, it is not uncommon for us to

Good endurance through the night

leave his diaper unchanged through the night. Unfortunately, this has often left the boy with an unpleasant urine odour to deal with the next morning.


I am impressed that the Huggies Ultra leaves my son fairly dry and rash-free despite the long hours we leave him unchanged, and the odour is much less obvious in the morning. With some other brands, we’ve also noticed the troubling problem of unabsorbed urine leaking from the sides; but with the Huggies Ultra, the side gathers are broad, well-shaped, and fit around the thighs neatly – there has not been an instance of leakage since we tried Huggies Ultra.

A broader band and stronger hold

A good diaper, in my opinion, also has to have a comfortable exterior – and Huggies Ultra wins big here too. It is soft, well-constructed, and maintains its integrity over extended periods. The external surface of various other diaper brands my son has used tends to fray badly after only 1 or 2 hours. This can cause chaffing and other types of skin discomfort in the adults who carry him. This problem is minimal with the new Huggies Ultra and the diaper remains physically intact and externally comfortable to touch for us despite long hours of use.


Outer Cover of the Huggies Ultra Diaper

The elastic band on the Huggies Ultra is broad, making it so much easier to adjust – especially with a little one that squirms and squeals at each change. The band sports large numbers to indicate where the tapes should go – allowing me to ensure that the diaper is symmetrical and not dangerously or embarrassingly unbalanced.




The band is also soft, and not as stiff as some other brands. The tapes that secure the sides are about perfect too – not too sticky, but at the same time able to hold the diaper snugly closed for long periods despite my son’s rather high activity level. I think many can testify to the difficulties associated with the ‘exploded’ diaper and the discomfort it can cause to the baby.

As the diaper is infused with natural ingredients, I feel confident about using it on my son. After all, which mother wouldn’t feel comforted by the fact that her bub is wrapped up in good stuff if he is in it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The neutral, earthy tones and design of the new Huggies Ultra are very pleasing to the eye indeed; they seem to emphasize this theme and are reminiscent of the natural ingredients used in the diaper.


Overall, I’d say my son and I are having a very positive experience with the new Huggies Ultra and will definitely be using it from now on. I would also recommend it to friends who would invest on good diapers for the comfort of their precious babies.

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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