Latest parenting trend: 'Sip and See' shower party

Latest parenting trend: 'Sip and See' shower party

The 'Sip and See shower party' is the latest parenting trend to hit the party circuit. Find out what it is, why it's becoming so popular, as well as some ideas on how to plan one for you or your friends. As they say, be there or be square!

Sip and see shower party Find out what all the hype is surrounding 'Sip and See' shower party!

So what’s the new trend in the mummy circuit? The Sip and See shower party, of course! If you aren’t jumping up and down in excitement at this announcement yet, don’t worry you’re probably not the only one. Some mums have probably not heard of a Sip and See party but it is certainly a hot trend in the shower circuit and is increasing in popularity.

What it is

Just like what it’s called, the Sip and See shower party is where people come over to sip beverages and see the baby. Which makes it a close cousin of the baby-shower, except a Sip and See shower is one that happens post birth when the baby is back home. Unlike the shower though, the Sip and See shower party is not about showering the mummy with gifts but more as celebrating the new addition to the family.

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Why it’s gaining popularity

The Sip and See shower is gaining prominence amongst parents as a way to combine the fun of a baby shower and the memories of seeing their newborn. Initially a tradition on the Southern states of America, the sip and see has started gaining mileage in the shower circuit from 2012. Many new parents started opting for it as a way to get the family together  -- especially for those who stay overseas.

sip and see party Check out what's so amazing about a Sip and See party

Eezy breezy

Bearing in mind that this party comes after the baby is born and the new parents probably have their hands full, the no frills concept of a Sip and See shower definitely appeals. There is no fixed party – allowing for friends and family to go as they please within the time frame given of course, snack on 'grab and go goodies' and basically coo over the new family addition. The best part is there is less pressure for mum, dad and baby –- and since mummy’s not pregnant anymore she too can sip on that champagne cocktail!

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Party central

If you are thinking of throwing a Sip and See shower party, we share some great ideas to get you started.

  • Set up a table with a scrapbook with some of your little baby's photos where guests can pen down notes to welcome baby and congratulate the family.
  • Set up framed pictures of baby’s first photos as well as mum and dad’s own baby photos. It will be fun to see who guests think your little one takes after.
  • Have a D.I.Y snack and drinks bar so that guests can serve themselves. This will create an easier flow to the party and leave you more time to mingle.
  • Get a polaroid camera or a photo printer so that guests can take a photo with the baby and take the picture home as a keepsake.

Share with us your experience if you have planned or been to a sip and see shower party. You can also check out the video below for more ideas on planning a sip and see shower party.

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