Baby shower - party game ideas

Baby shower - party game ideas

A baby shower is all the rage these days. But what fun is a party without games? If you don't have any ideas, theAsianparent team has some for you - read on!

Baby shower games

Game ideas for your baby shower party in Singapore

Planning a baby shower party and short of game ideas? Fret not, we’ve come up with a solid list of 5 games to play during your baby shower!

Game 1: The Pacifier Baby Shower Game

Give each guest a cute pacifier necklace (rafia string attached with a pacifier. Tell each guest that they can’t say the word “BABY”. If a guest catches someone saying “BABY”, they may take the pacifier necklace away from them. If, for example, a guest has 3 pacifier necklace from previously taking them away from others and somone catches her saying “BABY” then that guest now gets to take all 3 of her pacifier necklace. The person with the most pacifier necklace at the end of the shower wins the game.

Game 2: Baby Names Baby Shower Game

This is a fun baby shower game wherein the players sit in a circle and write down as many baby names as they can. Give one alphabet at a time and keep a time limit, say, one and a half minutes. The person with the maximum number of names gets a small prize!

Game 3: Baby Charades/Pictionary 

It is played like normal charades/ pictionary except for the fact that in baby charades/ pictionary, the illustrations are the words that pertain to baby, sometimes pregnancy and parenting as well. You may include words such as rattlers, the first tooth, pacifiers, milk bottle, morning sickness, midnight feeding etc, in the charades/ pictionary.

Game 4: Word Scramble

Take a print-out of fifteen to twenty baby-themed words, whose letters have been scrambled. Make copies of the print-out and distribute them to your guests. Assign a time limit for the game, say, two minutes, within which the guests have to solve their respective scrambles. The person, who solves his /her scramble, first, wins the game.

Games 5: Baby Bingo

Baby bingo is played just like normal bingo, the only difference being the use of pictures of baby related items in the former. Images of storks, crib, pacifiers, bottles and other baby related items are created on bingo cards.

We hope you and your guests enjoy playing the games while celebrating the imminent arrival of the baby.


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