Dadchelor parties…say, what?

Dadchelor parties…say, what?

What is a dadchelor party you may ask--it's a "man shower"! What is a "man shower"? This is a new take on baby showers in which dads are the focus and the purpose is...


How to plan the perfect dadchelor party…

How to plan the perfect dadchelor party…

What in the world is a dadchelor party? I’d never heard of such a thing until last weekend when my daughter and son in-law who are about to become parents to a son were registering at a well-known baby store.

The clerk was almost more concerned about Matthew getting his dad-chelor party than she was about my daughter. We were all a bit perplexed. So I did a little research….

What is a dadchelor party?

This dadchelor party concept is nothing more than a baby shower for dads. That’s code for an excuse to have a guy’s night out. A dad-chelor party is meant to give a new dad some attention instead of pushing him out of the picture (think “Lady and the Tramp”). It’s a revolt, if you will. It’s reminding society that dads count, too.

What to do at a dad-chelor party

Technically the party is supposed to be a celebration of a new dad (or soon-to-be new dad) with his buddies. Like a traditional baby shower, the guy’s version is supposed to include gifts, games and food-just like mum’s parties (minus the toilet paper game, of course).

These ‘man showers’ usually have a theme and the gifts are geared toward the things dad would need for connecting with his new bundle of joy. These ‘things’ include diapers, baby’s first football and basketball, books, donations to the baby’s college account, a stroller and other baby necessities.

As for the parties…dad-chelors will often gather at their favorite pub or sports bar, shoot a few games of pool, go to a ball game, go camping, skiing, bowling or possibly even have a ‘diaper kegger’.


It’s already been stated that the ‘why’ is to help dad feel a part of things. He is, you know. If it weren’t for him…well, you know. But it goes farther than that.

Becoming a father-especially for the first time-is scary. That’s right…no matter how excited you are and how happy you are about becoming a father, it’s still scary. Having the support and encouragement of their friends works just like it does for mom. And when those friends are ‘fellow dads’, it’s good for new dads to know they have a few ‘comrades in arms’.

Possible themes

  • Take me out to the ballgame
  • Daddy’s little girl
  • Daddy’s little man
  • Diaper kegger
  • Pizza and pacifiers
  • Nursery monitors are the new dad’s television

It’s a great idea

We’ve been throwing bachelor parties for years. So when I think about a dad-chelor party, I guess my question is…what took us so long?


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