Mum Gives Teen Botox Injections

Mum Gives Teen Botox Injections

At a mere 16 years of age, Hannah Burge has already been receiving Botox shots for about a year. Her mother, Sarah, not only approves of this but even administers the Botox shots for her daughter!

16 year old Hannah Burge (left), with her mother Sarah Burge

Many of us associate Botox with women in their forties or fifties that are unable to cope with the lines on their faces that come with age and experience. Amazingly, even teens are following suit, with more than 11,000 teenagers in the US having had Botox last year, according to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons. In Britain, one mother takes things too far as she not only allowed her 16 year old daughter, Hannah Burke, to have two rounds of Botox but even administered them to her as most plastic surgeons only provide this for those above 18 years of age.

Hannah says: “I wanted to have Botox for two reasons – it prevents wrinkles and everyone at my school was talking about having ‘B’. It’s a really exciting thing to do, and having B will keep me looking young for years. I had a couple of lines on my forehead and around my mouth, which I was unhappy about. I’m sure I am the youngest teen in the UK to have Botox, as most girls I hear about are 16 when they have it done, and I was 15. Appearance is important to me and I don’t want to look haggard and ugly by the time I’m 25.”

Hannah also said that she wanted to be beautiful like her mum Sarah, 49, who has already spent more than £500,000 on plastic surgery and is known as the UK’s Human Barbie. Sarah says: “I get my Botox and fillers direct from the manufacturer in the UK, since I am a qualified practitioner. I use exactly the same Botox on Hannah as I use on myself and I feel I am an expert in this field. Also, considering I have had so much surgery, I’d be a hypocrite to tell my daughter she couldn’t have Botox.”

This phenomenon of young girls getting Botox shots has been dubbed as ‘Teen Toxing’ and it will see an increase as teenage girls face more pressure to look young.

Do you think that this will happen to teenage girls in Singapore? Share your thoughts with us!

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Felicia Chin

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