Take the library with you with the NLB’s new mobile app

Take the library with you with the NLB’s new mobile app

If you’ve always wanted to be able to have all your favourite books with you no matter where you are, then the National Library Board’s new mobile app is just the thing for you!

We were pleased to be present at the launch of the National Library Board’s (NLB) new mobile application -- NLB Mobile. We were given a personal introduction to some of the new functions and features that come with the app.

NLB’s Director of Technology and Service Innovation, Siow Shong Seng, together with Michelle Martin, who is the NLB Reading Ambassador, introduced the new NLB Mobile app.

As part of a collaboration with the Land Transport Authority (LTA), two trains along the North East Line (NEL) and the Downtown Line (DTL) will feature carriages with the following themes -- mystery, fantasy, self-help and autobiography.

NLB mobile app

This means that you can expect a whole carriage that brings you right into the storybook world of the likes of The Hobbit and The Life of Pi. Talk about your favourite stories coming to life!

What’s new in the NLB Mobile App?

The new, improved version of the app includes features such as bookmarks, a digital bookshelf that allows you to make reservations for physical books, and the ability to pay your library fines.

NLB mobile app

The new NLB Mobile app also allows users to download eBooks and Audio Books that can we access either with wi-fi or through the Overdrive app for offline reading. This means that you literally will be able to hold all your favourite books in the very palm of your hand!

Our favourite function of the app would have to be the fact that you will be able to suggest book titles that you would like to see in the library. So, if you are looking for a book and can’t seem to find it in the library database, you can suggest the title to the NLB and they will look into bringing it in.

Keep reading for an exclusive video with Michelle Martin!

How do parents benefit? 

NLB mobile app

We understand that as a busy parent you might not always have the time to bring your kids down to the library to allow them to pick out some fresh reading material. However, you also fear that if you don’t, you’re going to miss the opportunity to instill the love of reading in your children.

We feel that the new NLB Mobile app could be just what you’re looking for. Considering the fact that your child loves your smartphone and tablet so much already, why not take the time to download the app and some books that your child is interested in?

The new bookmark function will mean that you will be able to monitor the content your child is exposed to. Have your child bookmark titles they’re interested in beforehand so you can go in and ensure that the material is age-appropriate before your kid gets busy reading!

Here's what Michelle Martin has to say!

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Sonia Pasupathy

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