Growing closer: Bond with your child through Facebook

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Transform into a cool parent by bonding with your child through Facebook.

bonding with kids via facebook

Create a Facebook account to bond with your child and monitor them

The biggest thing to happen to the Internet has to be Facebook. This social networking site has millions of members worldwide and is still growing. In fact, it is safe to assume that your teenager is part of this phenomenal site. Don’t be left out of your grown-up angel’s life. Start bonding with your child through Facebook today.

What is Facebook?

Since its introduction, Facebook has surged to the top and is considered as one of the most visited sites by teenagers online due to its entertaining and practical features. With a Facebook account, your teen can chat with friends, play games, look at pictures of celebrities and reunite with faraway family members.

Bonding with Facebook

Because most of your teenager’s free time is spent browsing the internet, take the opportunity to bond with your child through Facebook. Make your own Facebook account and add your child as a friend. Once the friend request is accepted, you’ll be able to see what your teenager posts online as well as the other people who are part of your child’s friend list.

To bond with your child through Facebook is easy. You can begin by liking the photo or the status posted on the wall of your teen’s account. This shows that you are supportive regardless of your child’s opinion or personal taste.

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Playing games is also one of the things that you can do to bond with your child through Facebook. The two of you can race to achieve the game’s highest level or send each other virtual gifts in order to hasten the game’s progress.

bonding with kids via facebook

Always monitor your children online.

If you are constantly out of the house, bond with your child through Facebook by sending loving messages. If your teenager is online, it is best to catch up through chat. Saying a quick ‘I love you’ via Facebook will surely perk up your teenager’s mood, especially after a stressful day at school.

In order to continue to bond with your child through Facebook, don’t be that embarrassing parent who posts awkward baby photos and is constantly tagging your child in everything that you upload. Be cool and save those unwitty hashtags and throwback Thursday photos for later or until your teenager initiates it.

When you bond with your child through Facebook, avoid berating the teenager publicly. If you are not pleased or amused with what was posted, send a message or talk to your teen in person. There’s no need to bring the family drama online.

Dangers of Facebook

Considered as a site for adults, Facebook can be dangerous for teenagers like your child. While playing games and chatting with family and friends is harmless on Facebook, it is the content of the newsfeed that must be closely monitored by parents. If left unattended, your teenager could be viewing pornographic or extremely violent material.

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As much as you can, choose to bond with your child through Facebook by “harmlessly” stalking the liked pages, friends’ list and posted content found on the page. With this, you can determine if your teenager is doing age-inappropriate things on the site. If you have found some alarming things on your teenager’s Facebook page, it is important that you talk to them immediately.

Do you bond with your child through Facebook? Share your experience with us. Watch the video below to understand how Facebook helps other individuals bond with their families:

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