4 Parenting Hacks to get your Kid to go for a Haircut

4 Parenting Hacks to get your Kid to go for a Haircut

A distraught child getting a haircut is a situation guaranteed to stress out any adult. This reality can be avoided with simple steps taken by parents and the stylist.

We’ve all had some experience of seeing a red-faced kid, screaming at the top of their lungs with big fat tears rolling down their cheeks. And no, this is not unfolding at the aisle in a supermarket but at the barber’s (or hair salon).

Trick your kid into getting a haircut, barber, salon

How do you convince your stubborn child? Some gentle coaxing often helps!

Even a passer-by can empathise with the trauma that the toddler has to experience—just imagine the terror of going under gleaming scissors magnified ten-fold.

Worry no more, ear-drum splitting howls for a sharper look can be a thing of the past because we have some tips for you.

1) Trim instead of cut

Toddlers probably have associated the word “cut” with something that goes on in the kitchen.  So, using that same word to introduce them to a place unknown to them, for now, may totally scare them senseless. I mean, gleaming utensils slowly inching their way to facial parts they just learned the name of? That would be their bête noir.

Trick your kid into getting a haircut, barber, salon

Remember big, shiny, scissors can look pretty frightening to a child.

So, using the word “trim” is a safer bet as it would not have been associated with anything yet and it’s a new word for their vocabulary. And if it’s associated with fun things, the little one will probably enjoy it so much that they’d probably prompt you when a trip’s due.

2) Chose a good kid friendly stylist.

Find a barber or hair dresser that has lots of toys or other entertaining items. Also be sure that you keep visiting the same hair dresser. It’s quite important that your child builds a rapport with the person cutting their hair. Over time, they get comfortable and unstressed by the occasion. Refer to them by their given name when introducing the appointment. In time, you’ll be surprised when, by saying “We’re going to see Miss Chua and she’s going to trim your hair this afternoon” your child will hardly bat an eyelid.

3) Associate fun stuff with the excursion

Instead of making it an activity you slot in the middle of others, spend a little more time on this activity.

Trick your kid into getting a haircut, barber, salon

With less pressure being put on the outing, your child will feel more at ease!

This would reduce the stress you feel and your child can pick up on it. A leisurely jaunt would help take their mind off strands of hair being snipped off and also allow you to connect with your child. Some ways to keep their mind off the snips when at the salon is to give them treats (lollipops and smarties), play a movie or upbeat songs and encourage them by sticking stickers for every snip so that they don’t squirm as much.

4) Bring a friend

Even as adults, we like doing things with our closest friends. I mean, how many times have you stepped through the doors of a nail salon and gotten a manicure or pedicure with a friend? Kids are no different. So, if you get their best friend along for the ride, you may just find a happier child at the end of the appointment.

Trick your kid into getting a haircut, barber, salon

Like like adults, children feel more comfortable when they’re with their friends.

If you know the stylist or barber well, ask if the two kids can share a seat (and a stylist) and the professional can alternate between the two. An upbeat stylist, one used to shaving off inches from a child’s noggin, will definitely have them giggling through the whole affair. Or, if your child looks up to either your spouse or you, make it a family affair by going for a cut too. You’d be surprised at just how much your kid wants to be like you.

If all else fails, you can always trim your kid’s hair while he is asleep. 🙂



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Written by

Sandra Ong

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