NO-Tox: Botox alternative for pregnant women

NO-Tox: Botox alternative for pregnant women

New mums no longer worry about baby induced tiredness showing on your face! No-Tox can help you keep your face glowing.

Botox alternative for pregnant women

The toll of having a baby may affect a mother’s body as well as her physical appearance.

For many women who are pregnant or have children, morning sickness, postpartum nursing issues or postnatal bulges often overwhelm any desire to dress up and make up.

More so, most mothers — especially pregnant ones — often go through periods where they try their best to be toxin-free and thus forego caffeine, quit nicotine and always eat their veggies.

So maybe ‘No-Tox’ is the best new thing in town for Mummies who want to be yummy.

How is this procedure different from the original Botox you may ask? Purportedly all-natural and chemical free, it’s currently touted as the best Botox alternative for pregnant women.

Motherhood blues

Hormonal changes in motherhood often result in weight gain and a less-than-stellar complexion. A new mum goes through labour pains, postpartum health issues, breastfeeding woes, sleepless nights and a whole lot of worries relating to her baby and perhaps household.

Dark, under-eye circles, droopy eyes, frown lines and acne are just a few things that can add years to her face and a dip in her self-esteem.

NO-Tox: Botox alternative for pregnant women

Pregnant women definitely shouldn’t use Botox, as it is a toxin.

Botox, or botulinm toxin, is a well-known surgical filler used to freeze certain muscles in the face to reduce expression and age lines.

Though Botox is the celebrity procedure of choice, not all women necessarily want to be injected with a poisonous neurotoxin that was first discovered as a poison in sausage meat.

For pregnant and breastfeeding women, it definitely doesn’t count as an viable beauty treatment for smooth skin.

There were rumors that new mother Kim Kardashian made a decision not to breastfeed her newborn baby North West, in order to sooner get back to her Botox fixes.

However, she changed her mind upon finding “Baby Botox”. Baby Botox involves, minuscule but strategic amounts of Botox carefully applied with great restraint.

But moms opting for this are a little bit like druggies getting their fix with just a bit of methadone when pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s better than getting a full dose, but still not quite ok!

Botox alternative for pregnant women

There are a few No-Tox options to help pregnant mums look good.


‘No-Tox’ face treatments have been around for a while and are a great alternative beauty therapy for pregnant women. New mums can also look their best while navigating diaper changing and nursing woes.

These are some of the No-tox options available today:

– Bee Tox (Bee Venom)

– Dr Nabet’s L.Boxin (natural enzymes)

– Pre-Tox  (peptide gel)

– Endocare (snail secretions)

– VTOX – Linda Meredith’s oxygen facials (apparently Madonna swears by them)

The best Botox alternative for pregnant women

What has been voted as the best toxin-free Botox alternative for pregnant women is one known as ‘VTOX’.

Available as a toxin-free professional treatment or a stand-alone lotion, VTOX is hugely popular among women whether pregnant, breastfeeding, or just looking for smoother skin in a natural way.

The VTOX Oxygen facial begins with deep cleaning, steaming and intense hydration followed by a generous amount of the VTOX cream. The end result promises to leave you with skin as smooth as the bottom of the baby in your arms.

Skin appears more youthful and relaxing without looking frozen in time.

Botox alternative for pregnant women

VTOX is the best option for women who want to stay clear of the toxins in Botox.

Created by skincare guru Linda Meredith and by Tatler Magazine, VTOX contains neuro-peptides and natural algae. A skin care expert for more than 40 years, Linda has taken care of some of the world’s most beautiful and famous faces.

Her clientele includes Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss and Stella McCartney.

This product is designed for women who simply do not want a toxin injected into their skin. Also it’s the best Botox alternative for pregnant women who have to refrain from Botox fixes throughout their pregnancy.

Post baby, it may take months or even years to get one’s body back, but with VTOX, women are fast realizing that their face doesn’t have to wait at all.

What treatments do you swear by that help you look good as a mother? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment.

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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