5 Quirky Beauty Secrets of Singapore Celebrities!

5 Quirky Beauty Secrets of Singapore Celebrities!

Check out the quirky beauty secrets of Singapore celebrities. What is the craziest thing you have done for beauty?

Ever wonder how celebrities manage to look so good and stay fresh even after hours of shooting? Well, apparently, they work pretty hard for it, even if it means trying out unconventional beauty treatments!

Let’s check out some quirky, slightly weird stuff these Singapore celebrities have done in the name of beauty (the reader is however, advised to use own discretion before trying them out :)) :

Fann Wong

This one is more cute than quirky. Actress, model and mum, Fann Wong still religiously follows her mum’s beauty advice, and does a count when she washes her face!

beauty secrets of Singapore celebrities


She says, “When I was young, my mother would advise me to rinse my skin with water for 20 times to clean my skin. And she went on to advise me to properly cleanse off my makeup when I worked as a model. Every now and then, I still treat my skin to 20 splashes of water.”

Sheila Sim

Model-actress Sheila Sim, apparently influenced by Jennifer Aniston’s hair care tips, tried using mayonnaise as a hair mask for a week, only to end up with awfully greasy hair!

beauty secrets of Singapore celebrities


She talks about the beauty mistake, “My hair was so oily that when I sweat, I sweat oil. My hair was so limp and oily, it wasn’t funny!” 

Needless to say, the experience left her a lot wiser. 

Jamie Yeo

Some celebs rely on their veggies and fruits for great skin. You are what you eat?

beauty secrets of Singapore celebrities


Actress, host and mummy Jamie Yeo, once revealed that eating raw spinach was the secret of her flawless skin!

She says, “In my fridge, you’ll always find organic spinach. I’ll grab a handful to eat raw after every workout.” This mummy also makes sure she has a handful of blueberries daily, because they are rich in antioxidants.

Felicia Chin

We all love our avocado milkshakes but actress Felicia Chin has discovered another use for the fruit.

beauty secrets of Singapore celebrities


She reveals, “I really like using natural ingredients to treat my face and hair and [avocadoes] are very nutritious and make your hair luscious.You need to make it super mashed up and I just put it on my hair like a mask. It’s very messy so maybe don’t do it in your own bathroom!”

Paige Chua

Many have been hesitant to try it out, but actress and TV host Paige Chua’s beauty hack is her Gua Sha beauty routine!

5 Quirky Beauty Secrets of Singapore Celebrities!


She has been quoted as saying, “I learnt it (Gua Sha) from a Malaysian actress when we filmed the drama Your Hand In Mine eight years ago. She taught me how to use a Gua Sha board and rosehip oil to massage my face in an upward motion. There are supposedly some lymph nodes along your jawline so the massage helps to reduce water retention and makes you look less bloated.”

“I do it every night before I sleep, between 15 to 20 times on each side. I massage the eyes to reduce eye bags and the neck as well, on the lymph nodes.”

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