Hot sex position: The woman of Bahlika

Hot sex position: The woman of Bahlika

Who wears the pants in your household? Well, this position gives you all the control till you reach ecstasy. Your man gets to lean back and relax while you take him for a ride.

Hot sex position: The woman of BahlikaSex trivia

Did you know that the clitoris is pretty much the only organ in the human anatomy that was made just for one purpose? That objective is sheer pleasure. Aren’t you glad that you’re a woman?

The act

Your time to step up is now. Hold on tight to the reigns and take control.  Grab him by the horns and tell him who is boss—he’d love it. Initiate the love-making session and trust us, you’ll have him begging for more.

Your man will get a sensual view of you from behind. Get him to recline on his back and prop himself up with his elbows to get a better view of your butt. Meanwhile, lower yourself onto your man. Remember, you are meant to face away with your back towards him.

Now, you can get on your hands and knees as you ride him, rock back and fourth. Varying in speed and intensity for added effect. And if you were to prop up and take your hands off the bed/floor, you could flip it to the reverse cowgirl position, which we will cover next week.

Sex tip

Here’s a bonus sex tip while you are at it—communicate! Sex is not meant to be serious. What you need to be serious about are your needs so it’s best to be completely honest and open with your man.

Explore, experiment, don’t be shy—shake those boundaries out of place. However, it is very important not to be uptight. You’ll encounter some silly accidents and mishaps. So what? Laugh, giggle, guffaw and have a great time. After the act of lovin’, share how the both of you can improve the next time around. It is after all a two-way street of immense pleasure.

Hot sex position: The woman of Bahlika

Illustration by Felicia Chin

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Felicia Chin

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