Master Chef: A sizzling, spicy sex position for the kitchen

Master Chef: A sizzling, spicy sex position for the kitchen

Spice, stew, simmer or steam—whatever the preference, we guarantee that this position is scalding hot. Specially for those who are proud of their kitchen “skills” set…

Feeling a little blue, the day not going as planned? Well, did you know that sex can instantly cure mild depression?

Endorphins are released into the bloodstream making you euphoric—forgetting that you were a little blue to begin with. Of course, going to the gym can fix that as well, but then with love-making you increase intimacy with your partner too.

Serve it up hot!

Clear the counter top, or not—but just make sure there are no sharp objects lying around. If your house is childproof, then there will be no such issue anyway. We suggest to save this off-site activity for after-kid-hours.

This standing, front entry deal is quite an exciting quickie position for deep penetration. The multi-purpose kitchen counter, solid surface perhaps, is the perfect height for that pre or post dinner serving. Most prefer a sweet, delectable treat after the main course.

The position is self-explanatory, just look at the illustration and you’ll get the point. Ladies, when you’re seated comfortably on the counter top, just wrap your legs around your man’s butt or thighs and you’ll be in the right spot for some heat.

Master Chef: A sizzling, spicy sex position for the kitchen

Illustration by Felicia Chin

Sex tips

Sounds and words can be really sensual when making love. We’ll give you two hot things you can say while in the act.

Ladies you can breathlessly say, “I’m coming…” it is so simple yet such a powerful statement—especially for men to hear.

Why? Because men take pride in being a great lover and pleasing you till you reach ecstasy.  Telling him you’re about to explode with pleasure is the ultimate praise—proof that he is a success in keeping you satisfied.

That’s not all, since guys are usually ready to peak before the ladies, announcing that you are almost there will give him the permission to climax as well.

Guys and ladies, try this: “I love it when you [verb] my [body part]”. It could go like this: “I love it when you sensually massage my inner thigh.” When you actually say the action out loud, your attention is drawn to that specific sensation and that amps up the pleasure you’re feeling.

Saying it also helps you linger in the moment in case your mind wanders off. It also reinforces that you’re putting the right moves on each other.

For more sexy ideas, check out: The orgasmic Yoni massage

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Felicia Chin

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