6 Things to Do After Sex

6 Things to Do After Sex

Here are 6 things that couples can do after sex to bring them closer

You don’t just roll over and fall asleep after sex—this is the time to bond and connect after a hot and steamy session. 

According to Dr. Pushkar Gupta, a sex therapist, "It is very likely that partners who right away indulge in something else after having sex, might have performed sex as a duty and not an act of enjoyment,"So don’t waste the sizzle, utilise the afterglow. Here’s how…

1. Compliment each other

This is the perfect time to lavish praise and admiration for each other—after making passionate love to each other. Ladies can tell their men what they liked about the session. Go into details and really talk about your erogenous zones – elaborate on how he hit the right spots and left you craving for more. 

Guys love to hear about how good they are in the sheets. According to Judy Kuriansky, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship: "Men can feel anxious about their performance, so they really want to hear it from you that you had a good time in bed."

 This little talk after sex will keep guys awake because it is like a “performance assessment”. They are keen to know if they had pleasured you enough and how they can please you more. Hey, there is always room for improvement—for both parties!

2. Take A Bath Together

6 Things to Do After Sex

Get clean after a sweaty session. Soap and scrub each other, work up a healthy lather! In such close quarters, with nothing but nudity between the both of you—intimacy is guaranteed. 

With your bodies super close, and fingers running over each others’ back, neck, shoulders and chests—you’re bound to feel a connection more than just flirtation. It’s like snuggling underwater if you’re in a steamy bath together. 

Remember, the hot water actually stimulates blood flow and circulation, which helps keep your bodies in the state of arousal thus prolonging the “post-orgasmic flush”.

3. Order Some Food

It’s safe to say after a workout like that, you must be famished! Not to mention, too tired to make it to the kitchen to whip up a snack.

Take advantage of Singapore’s food obsession and pick up the phone, order some delicious food and wait. While you’re waiting for your steamy meal to arrive, head back to your room and turn up the steam in there with one of our other tips!

4. Massage Each Other

6 Things to Do After Sex

Who says that a massage is just for foreplay? In fact, you may have pulled a muscle while trying out new moves this time around. So, after sex is definitely a time to relax.

This time can be used to prolong that after-sex high. Massage each other and work on those knots. It shows your partner that you care about them and want to make sure they feel comfortable and at ease!

5. Stimulate One Another

There is no such thing as overstimulation! If you’re in the mood for round two, start the whole process again – start by kissing him and running your hands through his hair. Also, if the first round left him completely wiped out, then perhaps you could give him a show, and start touching yourself—or better yet touch him.

Give him some time to recover first and never let him feel the pressure. Trust us, if you tell him how much you want him after his amazing and orgasmic performance –stroking his ego can stroke something else too (if you know what we mean).

6. Cuddle Up

6 Things to Do After Sex

No one can deny that holding your man close while being held back is enjoyable after sex—unless there is no love in the equation. We certainly hope that isn’t the case. 

Is cuddling after sex a turn off for a man? No. According to a sex therapist in New York, Carolynn Hillman states: "There is an assumption that men are more emotionally detached from intercourse than women are. But a lot of them do want to feel that closeness too." That’s great news isn’t it?

Source: cosmopolitan.com

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