Hot sex position of the week: Anjou-Style

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Call it what you will—some call it the “sleeper hold” and some know it as “spooning”. Which ever way rocks your boat, it will rock your world. Find out the benefits of this position, which is suitable for pregnant women.

Let’s start with a little Kama Sutra trivia. Many people (especially Westerners) think that the Kama Sutra is a merely a sex guide. Yes and no. It isn’t just a sex guide. It is so much more— it teaches you about the nature to a virtuous and gracious living and includes love, family life and pleasure derived from other aspects of life excluding sex.

Now that you’re a little distracted, let’s move back to the sex and the position of the week. Last week we took you for a scenic view of “The Waterfall”—we hope you had fun splashing around. This week we introduce the Anjou-style position, which has both man and woman lying down on their sides. No acrobatic prowess needed for this—unlike last week.

Spooning is way more relaxing and is even recommended for women up to the first five months of pregnancy –-or heavier set men. Mind you—relaxing does not mean boring (depending on how your day went).

A long love-making session: Anjou style

If you intend to have an extended passionate love-making session, then this is ideal. Fall right asleep after. Both of you should be lying down in the same direction with the man behind the woman. She would gently bend her knees and push her rear toward his manhood so that he can access her vagina from behind. His hand can be free to explore her breasts.

You can adjust yourself so that there is a variation in the entry angle. Speed it up or slow it down—it could be hard, it could be soft. Then rock together in a comfortable rhythm till you reach that blissed-out state.

Also, synchronized breathing could increase your intimacy—inhale and exhale together. Guys, you can have your lady lift her top leg to her chest so that you will feel “bigger” inside her. You can also adjust your position so that you’re not behind her, instead, more above her top hip.

Hot sex position of the week: Anjou-Style

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