Hot sex position of the week: Intertwined

Hot sex position of the week: Intertwined

This week’s position gives you time to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes while making love—limbs can be intertwined or free to roam about. Effort wise—it’s not too tough but it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

Let’s start off with a little sex trivia. Did you know that sex is a natural antihistamine -- as a lot of sexing can actually unblock your clogged sinuses? What are you waiting for?

Now, we shall get right down to it. This position is sometimes known as “Lap Dance Benefits” and you could get really intimate with this face-to-face position. It is relaxing and cozy enough for a long extended lovemaking session. If you’re craving a deeper connection (emotional and otherwise), this is it.

Last week, we brought you “Anjou-Style” which is easy and non-intense-- suitable for pregnant women. The week prior to that, we introduced “The Waterfall”, which is a higher level of difficulty, involving some flexibility (male and female options given depending on who is willing try out some acrobatics).

The steps

This week is an “in-between” in terms of difficulty. Choose your environment—a cushy chair or the edge of a plush bed.

1. Guys, sit down with your lady facing you.

2. Ladies, climb on top of your man and sit on his lap. Wrap your arms around his muscular neck so that you won’t fall off when the action begins.

3. Surely you know what happens next, right? We don’t need to elaborate on this part. Ladies, either wrap your legs behind him or tuck them behind his legs (as illustrated)—depending on your balancing abilities.

4. If both of you want to amp up the speed and burn more calories, we suggest that your man helps you out by assisting in the bouncing. His arms are strong enough to do some heavy lifting if needed.

5. After the orgasm, repeat if necessary. For multiple orgasms, read more here.

Hot sex position of the week: Intertwined


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Felicia Chin

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