Feng Shui and your baby's crib

Feng Shui and your baby's crib

You’ve bought the crib, the lamp and just about everything else to decorate your baby’s room but the location of placing all these baffles you? Feng Shui to the rescue!

Feng Shui and baby's crib

Strategise your baby’s crib for good Feng Shui

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of decorating a room that allows good, healthy flow of energy, is something that many people consider before placing items in rooms of the home, schools and even offices.

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The belief of luck entering though the good flow of energy is highly regarded even in the West. Feng Shui experts have offices sprouting out everywhere because Feng Shui has sparked popular interest of late.

For the flourish of success, energy or ‘chi’ must flow freely. Where better to let a good stream of energy flow than a baby’s room? It is believed that with energy flowing freely, a baby will have an adequate amount of sleep and be healthier and happier.


Firstly, the location of the nursery is important. A room with quiet surroundings as compared to one near the living room or kitchen would ensure your baby of the rest he or she needs. Picking a room, that echoes the noise of traffic or one that is situated next to the sibling whose current pastime is screaming, is just going to disrupt your baby’s rest and cause many hours of sleep being lost.

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Next the right colour of the room. Alright, so you know you’re having a baby boy. Instead of opting for the typical blue, why not a lovely shade of sunny yellow or beautiful white that would make that fancy blue crib stand out? Soothing colours are usually recommended. ‘Clouded Pearl’ white, ‘Salisbury Stone’ yellow, ‘Tuscan Glade 5’ green and ‘Mellow Heather’ purple, are some calming colours that can be considered for both – a girl’s room and a boy’s room. Bright colours tend to stimulate the senses and work better for playrooms.


Bed placement is also important. The bed should not be against a window or be directly in line with the door. Put the baby on a solid wall with the head of the crib against the wall, rather than lengthwise. Avoid placing the baby against a wall that is shared with a bathroom, toilet, storage, or utility-type room.

When it comes to bedding, regardless of whether your baby is a girl or boy, stay away from garish cartoon characters or action figures. Instead opt for simple print sheets and bedding in soft colors of yellow, green or salmon. Also use only 100% cotton bedding and stay away from polyester! Change the sheets at least twice a week to keep chi fresh.

Baby room 'chi' for good Feng Shui

Baby room ‘chi’ for good Feng Shui

There should be constant mild movement of wind at all times in the room. A small fan or windows framed with soft, light curtains allow just the right amount of wind that is not too much yet enough to keep the ‘chi’ in constant movement. Wind chimes that produce a melodious sound also help a baby to be more relaxed and calm. Instead of opting for the regular metallic chimes, go for one that is softer and more melodious as you do not want a loud sound waking the baby.

Kathryn Webber, a certified feng shui master practitioner, advises parents to keep the light balanced in the room. She suggests installing blinds to moderate the lighting level in the room. According to Webber, a room that is too dim, would be too ‘yin’ or negative, and could lead to the baby suffering from respiratory problem

Do not buy too many items for the baby’s room and cause it to be cluttered. When the nursery is cluttered, ‘chi’ will not flow independently and might even cease to exist after a while. By placing sea salt in small containers in the corners of the room for about three days, purifies the room. It is an old feng shui belief that by placing your baby’s crib against a wall, it provides your baby with solid support throughout his/her life.

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Cleaning up

When cleaning the nursery, hit the natural mode and opt for nature-friendly products rather than harsh chemicals that would leave the smell of perhaps the strong cleaning agent behind. Stay clear from products that contain harsh chemicals as they are harsh to your baby’s inhalation too. For toys, remember to choose wood over plastic if the option is available. Plastic contains mass chemicals that can lead to harmful effects and even plastic baby bottles are not encouraged.

For Junior to lead a better, healthier and happier life, do make sure the ‘chi’ flows properly and nothing hinders his/her sleep. After all, a baby’s happiness should always be our top priority right?


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