Fengshui Tips on House Selection

Fengshui Tips on House Selection

It is important to select a house with good Fengshui. Yet due to the low penetration of Fengshui in Singapore, this step has gone largely unnoticed.

Fengshui tips on the house

Fengshui tips on the house

It is important to select a house with good Fengshui. Yet due to the low penetration of Fengshui in Singapore, this step has gone largely unnoticed. At best, Singaporean home owners will hire a Fengshui practitioner to remedy Fengshui flaws after they have moved into their house. Not many realize how difficult it is to fix up Fengshui flaws of a house and even lesser realize how beneficial selecting a right house is for the betterment of one’s life.

Selecting a House with Good Fengshui

The most obvious form of good Fengshui of a house would be its location in a conducive physical environment that aids in keeping residents in good health, which includes a strong mental and emotional state of mind critical for his daily endeavours.

As such, the 2 key aspects of Fengshui are physical landforms and Fengshui formula, which is less apparent. While the laymen may have no problem applying some common sense in selecting a house surrounded by conducive physical environment and landforms, they will be less effective in selecting a house based on Fengshui formula considerations.

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Physical Landform Assesment

The easiest way to do such assessment would be to consider two things: 1) the location of the main door, 2) and the corner of a house that is short or truncated like a missing piece of jigsaw puzzle. In Fengshui terminology, we term the latter a “missing corner”.

The main door is the most effective amplifier of any effects brought about by Feng shui formula because it is the most active part of the house with people passing through every day or opening and closing it. For this reason, the qualitative aspect of the sector for which the door is located is usually positive.

On the other hand, a missing corner indicates quality of the particular sector housing it is attenuated and usually attributed with the negative qualitative aspect of that sector.

With the above in mind, house hunters must remember to note the sector of which the main door and missing corner are located and assess the qualities of the house, which are likely to be positive or negative.

Looking at the Sectors

A house is divided into various sectors. Each sector is associated with a number of things. Here is a generalized list of the qualities of each sector of the house:-

East sector’s is associated with legs, liver, eldest son, anger, progress. Hence when it is negative there will be issues on the legs, liver or eldest son occupying the house. When positive, it brings about the ability to progress in life.

The Southeast sector is associated with thighs, liver, eldest daughter, academic and sexuality. When this sector is positive, it bring about good academic achievements for its occupants. When this sector shows its negativities, it brings about issues with the eldest daughter, sexuality or thighs.

The North sector is associated with kidney, ears, abyss, middle son and intellect. When it is negative, there will be issues with kidney or middle son for the occupants in the house. When it is positive, it bestows its occupants with the ability to think and analyse.

The Northeast sector is associated with the youngest son, fingers, spleen and an end. When positive, it brings an end to undesired matters or associations. When negative, the youngest son or the fingers of the occupants may get hurt.

The Southwest sector is associated with the mother, romance, stomach and gentleness. When this corner is missing, there will be issues with health of the mother or stomach problems or romances problems for the occupants. When the southwest corner houses the door, it brings about gentleness and caring nature in its occupants.

The Northwest sector is associated with wealth, father, head and lungs. A father living in a house with missing corner in northwest sector is likely to be vulnerable. Or other occupants of this house may suffer from wealth, head and lungs problems.

The West sector represents the mouth, the youngest daughter and the young in general. For couples looking to conceive, do avoid a house with missing west corner. It can bring about the gift of the gab when positive and legal issues with slander when negative.

The South sector represents beauty, eyes and the middle daughter. If the house has its door in the south sector, its occupants will be endowed with beauty or good eyes. If a house has missing corner in the south sector, the middle daughter will suffer or is seldom at home.

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Ken Toh is a Fengshui Practitioner in private practice. He specialises in BaZi, ZWDS, Flying Star Fengshui, I-Ching and other Chinese Metaphysics tools. His blog is at Fengshuiforward.com!

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