Feng Shui for success in school

Feng Shui for success in school

When it comes to your children’s studies, every little bit of help counts so why not use the ancient art of feng shui to help them as they hit the books after the school holidays?

Feng Shui for success in school1. Wall colour

Renowned feng shui expert Lillian Too says to choose neutral colours, such as white for bedroom walls as this reflects Yin energy. You want to avoid too much Yang energy, as that makes children hyperactive.

2. Decor

However, a touch of yang is good - so it is advised to add a coloured painting in the room. Also use maps, globes and charts in the room to encourage curiosity. You can also display a poster of a mountain behind your child's desk. Consider placing a bamboo plant in the study room because bamboo thrives under harsh conditions and is a symbol of good fortune. Also decorate the room with motivational displays of accolades, awards and even papers with good grades. This helps to sow seeds for future success.

3. Bookshelves

Lots of books may display academic excellence, but Lillian Too also advises against open bookshelves, which may send out “poison arrows” or lines of negative energy to whoever is sitting in the room, and recommends using cupboard doors to hide bookshelves. If this is not feasible, your child should sit so they do not have their back facing the open shelves.

4. No sharp objects!

It is believed that sitting with your back facing the door results in being back-stabbed. The desk in the room should be positioned so that your child is able to see the door. By that same token, sharp objects such as table corners should not point towards your child’s chair. Try to avoid having a protruding air conditioner, ceiling beams or sharp edges of furniture or a pillar close to or on top of the study desk.

5. High-backed chairs

The chair at the desk should be high-backed and have arm rests to provide support.

6. Natural lighting

Embrace natural light as much as possible as this is nourishing and nurturing. Light also increases productivity while stimulating creativity.

7. Tidy up

Another general rule in feng shui is to keep the bedroom neat and tidy. The place where your child does all his homework  should be full of positive chi, and clutter generates negative energy.

Source for Lillian Too: Feng Shui World

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Sandra Ong

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