Feng Shui for Love: How to Use Feng Shui to Improve Relationships!

Feng Shui for Love: How to Use Feng Shui to Improve Relationships!

Feng Shui for love: Improving one’s love life is one of the most popular applications of Feng Shui...read how!

Other than food and water, love is definitely one of the most important things a human being needs. Of course, it comes as no surprise that improving one’s love life is one of the most popular applications of Feng Shui.

As we’ve learnt in the previous articles, Feng Shui makes use of energy to help you improve your lives. In this way Feng Shui can help to improve luck in this area of one’s life.

The easiest way to improve relationships that we’ll be discussing today is to use the Yan Nian or Longevity sector. Yan Nian is the direction where Yin and Yang Qi are in perfect balance, thus it is ideal for developing healthy social relationships. This sector helps bring positive energy into personal relationships, romantic endeavours, longevity, familial harmony and social connections.

There are two ways to derive this sector/direction.

Feng Shui For Love: Personal Gua Method

The first way is to find your Personal Gua number. Here’s how:


  1. Take the last two digits of your birth year and combine them, e.g 1994 – add 9 and 4. You’ll get 13.
  2. Since 13 is a double-digit number, add 3 and 1 to get a single-digit number, 4.
  3. If you’re male then subtract the single-digit number (4) from 10; you’ll get 6.
  4. If you’re female then add 5 to the single-digit number (4); you’ll get 9. If it so happens that after adding 5, you get a double-digit number, do what you did in step 2 to get a single-digit number.

That’s it! Now you’ve got your personal single-digit Gua number.


Match your Personal Gua number with Yan Nian direction according to the table below, and tap into the Qi in this direction.

Feng Shui for love

If you are facing relationship problems at work with colleagues or superiors, point your work desk to face this direction.

If it is more family or personal relationships that you are having trouble with, align the direction of your bed so that your head sleeps pointing in the direction of Yan Nian.

House Gua Number Method

You can also use the House Gua Number Method to improve the Feng Shui in this area,


The House Gua Number is obtained by first identifying the house ‘Sitting’ direction (opposite of house ‘Facing’ direction which is the direction the front door is pointed towards) and then matching it to the corresponding number in the Luo Shu chart that corresponds with the house.

Feng Shui for love

Feng Shui for love


To improve social relationships, simply use this room for reading, working and spend more time in this sector. Clear the clutter and make sure this room is well-ventilated.

Do not worry about ‘activating’ the Qi or placing objects into this room, as sometimes in Feng Shui, by simply spending time in a room that is good for you, improves your energy (Qi) by leaps and bounds.

At the end of the day, when it comes to relationship, you play the largest factor in this equation.

If you don’t take good care of yourself, or put in the effort to maintain your relationships, no amount of Feng Shui will help. So work on yourself, invest in good Feng Shui practices, and the rest will follow.

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Joey Yap

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