Wardrobe essentials for every mother

Wardrobe essentials for every mother

Who says moms can't be super trendy? Read about Mother fashion 101. Singapore moms and fashion trends should go hand in hand. What does your wardrobe need? We tell you here...

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Click on the image if you want to learn how to dress your kids fashionably too!

Fashion trends for mothers

What is your signature style? Say, what? Signature? Isn’t that the thing you use to pay bills? And as for style…that went out the door when the doctor said, “It’s a boy (or girl).”

If those thoughts were the ones that went through your head you need and deserve a little bit of ‘me’ time. Okay, you deserve a lot of ‘me time’; time to treat yourself to a some of the things you enjoy-including a wardrobe make-over that incorporates the latest fashion trends.

Why bother about fashion trends?

Mother fashion, fashion trends, wardrobe essentials, fashion tips for women, fashion wardrobe, fashion trend

Style it up with maternity leggings ant tights. Go loud with prints, or simple does it with plain ones. Source: Galleryhip

If you’re a stay at home mom you run the risk of thinking there’s no need to have anything in your wardrobe but shorts/jeans, t-shirts and sneakers and sandals. That’s all you need, right? Those are your wardrobe essentials. Wrong! Every mother should be aware of fashion trends.

As a stay-at-home mum you are out and about running errands and taking the kids here and there. As a woman, you want to look good and feel good about yourself when you’re out there. And don’t forget you have a husband who finds you sexy and desirable and wants your wardrobe to say that you to feel the same (about yourself). So question yourself again, do you have the right wardrobe essentials?

Double life

If you are a mom who also works outside the home you have two wardrobes-one for work and one for home. Your work clothes are likely no-fuss and pretty basic. You don’t have time to pay much attention to yourself in the mornings-you have the kids to get ready for the day, too! And once you are home for the evening, you can’t wait to slip into something more comfortable (code for shorts and t’s).

The wardrobe essentials for every mom

Mother fashion, fashion trends, wardrobe essentials, fashion tips for women, fashion wardrobe, fashion trend

No matter where you work, how many children you have or how often you get out with our without the kids, the following are the wardrobe ESSENTIALS for every woman:

  1. Proper fitting and pretty bras and panties
  2. A great fitting pair (or two) of jeans
  3. A couple of tunics in your favorite color and print
  4. A pair of black leggings
  5. A pencil skirt in black, navy and khaki
  6. A button-up blouse (solids or prints) to go with each skirt
  7. Properly fitting  v-neck t’s in white, black and other complimentary colors
  8. Two or three easy-care shift dresses (make one black and a little sexy)
  9. Shoes-stylish ballet flats, a great pair of walking shoes, a fun pair of sandals and black and neutral kitten heels
  10. Fun but easy accessories: simple earrings and bracelets, two seasonal purses to hold what you need to carry and one date-night clutch

You deserve it–it’s merely wardrobe essentials

Even if equipping your wardrobe with these essentials means getting rid of the majority of the things hanging in your closet, you deserve it. When you get up each morning you need to dress for success-success as professional, as a wife, as a mother and most importantly as you!

Poll: Do you have the wardrobe essentials we mentioned above? 


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